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yum yum copy copy

If you don’t know about Evil Apparel you should check them out. They combine sexy and casual. Their T-Shirts are really comfy and the undies are well, sexy. They are promoting their camel toe g-string, which I personally don’t understand but hey guess thery’re really for the guys lol.sir103 copy



They just don’t look comfortable to me. Now they do have men shirts as well with cool biker chick art as I call it. I would really love to get my hands on their leggings, that’s one trend I can dig. I’ve just never been the type to folllow “what’s hot” because it looks like everyone is wearling the same thing. Like for instance the UGG Boots, the name speaks for itself lol. They aren’t that stylish to me.yum yum 101 copy copy

They don’t really go with skinny jeans (which I don’t care for either) or anything really. They don’t seem practical in the rain or snow because the fabric just soaks up the moisture and no one likes soggy feet. They’re too hot for summer, so I guess on those chilly days you can wear them but they’re soo UGG lol. I personally like to wear things that are a little different that’s why I am drawn to Evil Apparel, their style of art may be considered erotic so not every woman would dare to wear it and I can feel like I’m wearing something out of the ordinary. I mean come on ladies doesn’t it suck when you see someone wearing the same thing as you? We put a lot of effort and time into getting dressed so it’s nice to feel like you’re being unique with your style. Evil Apparel is perfect for making you feel unique, I mean wear else can you find a woman’s shirt and undies that has girl on girl action on it lol. Now I’m modeling their Angel Woman T-Shirt (White) with panties to match and LipsSealed is modeling their Girl Friends Woman T-Shirt (Pink) and matching undies. The fabric consist of a mixture of polyester and spandex which gives you a sleek feel that I love, especially in this Vegas heat. You can find more about them on So for you ladies that like to walk around in T-Shirt and panites, you should come to the evil side lol. Or even wear the shirts out doors, guarantee you’ll turn some heads! Written By DoublePlay


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guess2 copy

“It’s more about being sexy, young, fun and passionate,” said GUESS Store Manager Maria Graves at the Northpark Center Mall, describing how a person feels when wearing GUESS. “It’s also about showing confidence in who you are.”
Just look at the sleek, sultry but confident models shown on television and in shopping malls. They represent a timeline of sensuous chic designs found in almost every closet around the world.
The genius behind these designs originated in the 1970s with the Marciano brothers who were raised in the south part of France, a region that cultivated a passionate understanding of French design and the essence of style. Maurice, Paul, Armand, and Georges Marciano wanted to combine a love of the American West with a little European sensibility, and with that desire, GUESS? Inc. was born.
Unfortunately, the 1970s was a decade where clothing design had little or no direction. People felt denim was dated and that jeans were hardly a fashion statement. The Marciano brothers and GUESS? came along and changed that forever. Their approach was fresh, sexy, and set the standard for the future of denim.
People started wearing jeans to show off their sense of style, rather than wear them only for manual labor. Denim became the new fad, except that it didn’t fade out or go away-it took over the industry.
“The wonderful thing about the GUESS line is, men and women from ages 12, 13, and up to age 40 can wear GUESS, and it looks great with every body type,” Graves said enthusiastically. She added, “People come in the store to shop for their son or daughter saying, ‘I can’t wear GUESS,’ and I say, ‘Are you kidding? Let me show you something.’”
GUESS? Inc. recently started offering larger sizes to fit a more diverse audience instead of just petite, slender sizes found in many other designer stores. In addition to being more varied, the new spring collection has changed to accommodate the “casual” side of things.

guess1 copy
Coming soon, GUESS will have less frills and lace, and more laid-back items, such as Cargo Cadet Pants, Low-waisted Jeans, Corduroy, Suede, and Utility Girl outfits. Tricia Bruno, GUESS? Store Manager at Stonebriar Center Mall in Frisco, mentioned that the focus for spring is bottoms.
“The Cargo Cadet pant is the number one selling bottom. It is featured in many ad campaigns and is available in four colors, Hush (pink), Black, White, and Mash (green),” Bruno said. The men’s line will include fashion forward Basic Denim, Washed Denim, Embroidered Denim, and Cargo Pants.
“Our men’s collection is growing constantly, and is a lot larger than in previous years,” Bruno commented.
Every month a new collection arrives to appease the ever-changing styles and looks, and the fashion-happy customers.
“They [Marciano] definitely do their research really well, because you come into GUESS and don’t know what to expect from one minute to the next,” Graves stated.
One aspect about the line that is always put into play, she mentioned, is that the designs are timeless, top quality, and reasonably priced even for designer clothes.
GUESS is known as one of the top three retailers in the U.S.” Graves said. “Eighty to ninety percent of the U.S. population know and wear GUESS.”
GUESS? Inc. currently operates over 180 retail and factory stores domestically, over 1,000 in-store shops in other retailers, and sells merchandise in over 70 countries worldwide.
Both Graves and Bruno expect to see more surprises in the months to come. And GUESS? will always be one step ahead, daring to do what others wish they could.
GUESS? in the Stonebriar Center Mall can be reached at (972) 731-8859. GUESS? in the Northpark Center Mall can be reached at (214) 739-8195.
–Amy N, F Writer
Hair by Paul Mitchell Student Stylists Elan Aguirre and Celia Williams; Makeup by Ashlee Photogarphy by Sir Fashion


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MRKET, August 18th, The Venetian, Las Vegas, Magic!

While at MRKET with the Black Lens and Caffeine crew, I had the great fortune of meeting the designer of Inghirami from Italy. Working for BL/C and being a part of the Las Vegas beauty and fashion industry, I wanted to do a feature on mens’ clothing. After all, I have always had a passion for styling men ;), a woman’s touch will never be anything less than sexy.OnThePage15

I was incredibly intrigued with the various styles of men’s lines that they carried and I knew picking the outfits for my models was going to be exciting! The have 3 Mens lines: the Reporter, Ingram (high end), and FS (sports wear), but the designer’s main focus was the Reporter line. How p erfect to start off the photo shoot with Inghirami’s hottest introduction to the American Market, the Reporter jacket… straight out of Italy.

The Reporter jacket comes in four colors: a perfect mid-grey (that would look great in any setting), charcoal, navy blue, and black. They use a top stitching (name of stitch) which keeps the suit looking fresh and modern and is made for ease of wear and comfort when traveling. Perfect for anyone on the go or just to add a bit of class and comort to your daily routines. So I grabbed our model Chace Curtis and styled him up in the black Reporter jacket with a medium blue reporter shirt, and a striped tie from the same line.OnThePage12


We kept him in his own slim fit jeans to keep the look young and fresh, which also shows the versatality of the jacket. Although the suit is made out of 100% natural fibers, it is treated in such a way that this fabulous looking suit is machine washable. It also comes with a special bag for packing the suit in and they even go so far as to show you how to fold your pants and jacket to prevent wrinkling. It really is a great looking suit to boot. The slim small peak label is reminiscent of the suits in the 60′s, which is huge right now, and one of my favorite eras for style!OnThePage13
To add spice and edge to our shoot, we did a GQ move and dressed up our publisher Nicolette Savant in a white shirt and a royal blue tie from the Ingram line and our Fahsion Editor Amy Gajda in one the Reporter shirts. We kept the girls’ shirts slightly unbuttoned and the ties loose for that flirty, sexy “My lady looks hot in my clothes” look.
For the second part of the shoot we put Chace in a rockin’ blue paisley shirt from the FS line (sportswear), paired with one of the fall jackets in a light blue. This look screamed VEGAS BABY! Chace nailed the shoot!
*We did notice a slight generation gap during the shoot, when our young model didn’t get refrences such as “James Dean” or “Bond”. But he managed to pull it off while making the photographer Jack Frost and myself feel ancient!
It was a great pleasure to work with the guys from Inghirami, and can’t wait to work with them again in the future. The shoot went great, but we had many mroe appointments to get to as Magic was coming to an end.
Margaret Moon

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Master Horiyoshi III Nakano Yoshihito was born on the 9th of March 1946 in Japan.

Tattooing traditional Japanese Irezumi including drawing and painting for over 40 years one can say that he has reached an impressive level in his craft and as an artist today. He is probably the most famous Japanese tattooist worldwide and has tattooed renowned movie- and rock-stars in his career. For decades he became known as the ambassador of Japanese traditional Irezumi tattooing. Befriending people like Mr. Don Ed Hardy in the early 1980ies he made extensive travels to the west showing his skills and artwork, which was always in high demand.

He launched his own exclusive high end clothing line ‘Horiyoshi the third’ in 2009, which immediately took off to be a huge success. The clothing is being sold in selected high class boutiques the world over.

The ‘Yokohama Tattoo Museum’ was founded by him in the year 2000. In this he shows his vast collection of artwork and traditional Tattoo artefacts from all over the world. He is in close collaboration with the ‘National Amsterdam Tattoo’ Museum founded by his long time friend Henk Schiffmacher in 2011.

The book publications connected to Mr Horiyoshi III are countless. His productivity is so immense that his senior apprentice Alexander Reinke Horikitsune and Matti Sedholm Horimatsu founded the ‘Kofuu-Senju Publications’ company in 2010 in Horiyoshi III’s name. Their goal is to produce legendary, quality books on the subjects of Irezumi, Zen and Japanese Culture in general under chairmanship of Horiyoshi III

It was really cool to have had th chance to do a interveiw , i do hope to get to a do a editorial photo shoot ! I love those Designs !

By Sir Fashion

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Brinko Ties is the joint effort of Bethany Brinko and Elizabeth Sutherlin who were inspired by fashion designer, collector and grandmother, Maria Victoria Brinko. Maria was born and raised in New York City where she was a woman before her time and was always thinking about fashion in a smart way. Her designs were based on great technical skill and flattering cuts for the woman’s figure.

In an age when men dominated the scene, Maria was studying at FIT, working and living in New York as a successful businesswoman. Maria worked as a personal director for some of the largest department stores of that time. Never satisfied with the ordinary, Maria took old ideas and made them new, wearing men’s ties accentuated with sparkling brooches. From a young age Bethany and her Grandma shared a strong and unique bond. Bethany would beg her Grandmother to tell her stories of her time in New York, and was inspired by Maria’s strength, skill, intelligence, innovation and creativity.

When Bethany and Elizabeth were introduced they were in college. Fashion was their first connection. Bethany was wearing one of her Grandma Maria’s pieces and Elizabeth immediately inquired about it. That was the conversation that started a long friendship and now a business partnership. Bethany and Elizabeth took Maria’s courage and creativity and turned it into something truly made for women, a woman’s tie, structured like a necklace and each accentuated by a handpicked vintage brooch. A deliberately chosen button serves as the closure both for aesthetics and ease of wear, making this more of a hybrid between a tie, a scarf and a necklace. The business also now expands to include a revolutionary take on classic men’s neck wear by thoughtfully incorporating new fabrics to bring a fresh face to traditional style.

Grandma Maria passed away just a year ago but her spirit carries on. Now Elizabeth and Bethany are bringing to fruition a blended vision of three women. We hope you like it, and know that each tie is it’s own piece of art made just for you!

By Sir Fashion

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In 2010, a Rebel Spirit Street Team was formed to hit some of the busiest cities in order to party with the locals and to give away tons of money, Rebel Spirit “CASH” to be exact. This Year Rebel Spirit Clothing plans on giving away over $20,000.00 in usage Rebel Spirit Dollars (this money can only be spent on the Rebel Spirit Clothing website, but the customers do not have to buy anything in order to use the Rebel Spirit Dollars). You can find our street team walking in the downtown area of Hollywood, California mixing it up with the people, passing out Rebel Spirit Dollars, taking pictures with people, doing live photo shoots and hitting some of the busiest clubs. Rebel Spirit Clothing has armed itself with one of the sexiest groups ever assembled for a street team. Using our models that have been hand selected by Mr. Green of the Rockstars of Photography, our street team is sure to turn a few heads. Using the resources of one of our county’s leading entertainment websites, has joined the Rebel Spirit cause for “A ROYAL WAY OF LIFE”. has opened the doors to the nightlife that our team craves. It’s VIP status all the way. Once the Rebel Spirit Street Team arrives at the club they are taken to their pre-loaded table where they will find drinks and thousands of Rebel Spirit Dollars to share with everyone.

Becoming a member of Rebel Spirit Street Team takes a real love and understanding to “A Royal Way of Life”. It doesn’t just mean sexy people, parties and drinking. It means much more. Our team’s dedication to the cause goes much further than that. Yes, they hit the clubs in order to pass out thousands of dollars a night, but the team also attends events that give back to communities and charity foundations. Our street team helps to raise thousands of US Dollars by participating in these charity events such as walking for breast cancer, feeding the homeless and even cleaning up local communities. I am telling you, our street team is simply the best rounded team ever assembled. So if you are planning on becoming a member of the Rebel Spirit Street team, make sure you bring your A-GAME because you will be asked to show it every time!

By Sir Fashion

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In the early days of photography, photographers had no choice but to shoot in black and white, as it was the only available medium. Then, in 1936, the invention of kodachrome gave colour photography to the world. But black and white photography didn’t die off, instead it flourished. Modern black and white photography at it’s best is art, and many photographers regard it as the purest form of photography.


So why does black and white photography command such acclaim? One reason is that colour is a distraction. It takes attention away from the visual building blocks of a great photo; texture, tonal contrast, shape, form and lighting. A photographer shooting in black and white has to learn how to use all these elements to create a memorable image.

Black and white nude photography can scenic photographs look stunning. Make an essential part of your black and white photographs look their best is shooting in the right light. Shooting black and white photographs can really change the dimensions of the entire image. This article gives you some tips for taking some great scenic black and white images.

If you attempt the perfect panoramic shot to be recorded, it is important that you use a tripod. The tripod will help you get some steady shots of the view that you want to record. Later, this makes it easier for you to get it all together to get a panoramic view.

Note composition in shaping your nude photos. The pros use a simple formula as a “rule of thirds”, which simply means, mentally divide your image into three sections. It is rarely a good idea to put your main feature in the center of the composition. Place your guess many important focus in the right third portion of your composed shot.

In nude photography, make sure that you focus on the quality and not the quantity of images, is that you take. It is always better for you to get ten great shots than one hundred average shots in one day. Quality is always the better choice.



As a photographer, you can not have tunnel vision. You must be able to see more. You think. Fly to yourself like an eagle up and down trained over the entire landscape, not as a sniper on a single object through a scope More to see what’s around you, how to get the best shots.


beginning of the article, black and white nude photography make scenic photographs look absolutely stunning is maintained. Make sure that you. Proper lighting helps your nude photos to look their best Apply the tips from this article, and you will shoot beautiful black and white scenic photographs in no time.

By Sir Fashion

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lady in pink

Breaking into editorial photography is a great way to get more exposure, build your portfolio, and receive unique assignments that will allow you to work with models, real people, and even allow you to travel the world.a13

If you’re already an accomplished professional, transitioning to editorial photography can be fairly easy if you can remember a few things that make it different than typical portraits.twosome

There may be an angle or a specific item or location the writer talks about in the article that you should focus on. Your images are to compliment the article, so giving the story a quick glance can help you look for specific items in stores, or help you visually set a tone for the shoot. If it mentions an old antique chest, ask where it is located. If it describes a specific dish, request it to be made, because often readers will want a photo to reference.

Being overly prepared and educated on what you are shooting will help you prepare when you’re on site shooting and will also impress the art director.


Some editors already have an idea of layout for the story content. Don’t be afraid to ask for the predicted size for the feature or orientation preference they have in mind. However, still shoot horizontally and vertically for every shot for options as content can change.

Knowing that the story text will overlap the image can also help you go into a shoot looking for a clean background or shoot with a shallow depth of field that won’t compete with text.seniorfashion20


You may also not know if the content will be on the right or left, so make sure you shoot with the subject looking in both directions so they don’t look off the page.

If you’re not a vertical shooter, get used to shooting verticals. Especially if you want to do magazine work. Typically magazines know what their feature story is for the publication so if you are shooting a part of the assignment, there’s a fairly good chance you can land the cover. Make sure you leave space for the magazine header. Do this by avoiding busy backgrounds and keeping signage out of your shot.

If you’re not used to shooting verticals, consider investing in a battery grip with a vertical release. It will help you make straighter shots.


There is still only so much that can be done in post. Editorial art directors like smart, sharp images with straight lines and clean composition. Sometimes fixing crooked horizons in post can’t fix it as well as just taking a step to the left or right.

The new Upright Tool in Lightroom can do wonders for straightening out lines in architecture, but it’s not perfect. Throw a couple curves in with the lines and you might be out of luck. Get it all right before you leave the scene.

Often photographers are in the habit of cropping in the camera. The difference with shooting for magazines is that the images often take up the entire page and need bleed room. You can avoid any images from being thrown out by simply giving extra room along the sides. Take a step back before taking the shot.  It might be hard to get used to, but remember extra space is needed for the bleed. You don’t want your images to be unusable because you’ve shot too tight.

Your assignment might require models and you could be given access to a modeling agency’s talent database. If this is the case, know what the magazine’s demographic is. While most of us are attracted to youth, a magazine’s readership might be more sophisticated therefore it’s important to find subjects that fit the editorial’s readership.boobs

Don’t be afraid to ask to look at the models with the art director and give feedback on preference.  You can also recommend stylists and makeup artists that you prefer that may help strengthen your shot

By knowing your subject’s profession or role in the story, you’ll be able to capture them in a way that compliments the tone of the article. Your images of a comedian should not be shot in the same way as your images of a CEO.

With every photo, make the environment, props, pose, outfit, and mood of your subject all match the overall message of the shoot


Art directors enjoy working with photographers work quickly, just as any other boss would. The sooner you can wrap up a shoot, the less likely you are exhaust the subject or take up too much of the art director’s day. This all goes toward getting the more jobs from these people later.

You’ll also need to edit well and deliver quickly. I find that my editing for editorial is not as soft or romantic as my fashion  photography, but more bold, clean and saturated.

which all work should be ! By Sir Fashion

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