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664296_685404221473385_1317697477_oHello ladies and Gents and welcome to Fashion Radio. There is so much happening and that has happened since the Moment Fashion Radio went on AIR. From new DJ’s and Radio Personalities to a whole new look. A lot of people have come and gone; and some are even making their very own mark in the world as New Comer’s arise in to fulfill in the shows and perhaps even surpass other’s shadows that left a true state here at the studio. Fashion Radio is constantly changing as the world of Fashion does too. So much has past as well as so much is coming. right now, as a matter of fact you’ll wont believe it but, The Fashion Radio crew has finally made it into Agenda, and Capsule; finally after a few long years  So now we will be covering Agenda and Capsule as well as still covering Project, WWD, Stitch, and MrKet. A New Brave World has been soughed out by the Fashion Crew. As well as myself step into the light as the Publisher and CEO of Fashion Radio and our Publication called Sir Fashion. I’m Honored to make this move into the New Season as well. We have new shows so much has happened. Really, I seriously cant make this bloody stuff up! You’ll see that we have made some serious changes of course and have not let the past be forgotten, but honored and learned from. Fashion Radio is something that must be heard and experienced. Much love to those who have come and are gone; And those who are part of this adventure and wanting to keep the adventure alive . Thank you. Much love to you all.!!

-Sir Fashion



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