Rock and mineral photography can be complicated, and how you decide to approach it depends on the purpose of the photograph. I’m learning how complicating is can be while I was shooting at TheHoneypot . I also have learn. For the purpose of illustrating research or other texts, it isContinue Reading

I talked to my Senior Crew , who has been Brilliant in everything we have been set in goals of what needed to get done. Everything that needed to get finished and set to move forward is almost complete. Now I have to get things ready to rock and rollContinue Reading

Beside being the heart of the Fashion Industry for buyer’s and retailer’s in the center of Las Vegas. WWD Magic is the perfect and ideal source for Fashion Blogger’s,Fashion Editorials , Image Consultants , Stylist’s , Photographer’s, Make Up Artist’s , and well most Importance for Models. No other’s eventContinue Reading