I have to admit it’s Been a adventure with Chef MitchelEarl of GreenSideUp ! This Moment when we meet Chef Doc of Doc’s Munchie Truck. It was a pretty to see both Chefs talk food ! Crazy Part about Chef’s and Cooks doing their thang on Food Trucks.Did you know that Food Trucks have been a thing long long ago.

The history of American food trucks dates back many years as mobile dining and street food have been part of American’s dining habits since the late 17th century where it could be found in many of the larger cities on the east coast.

Since then, food trucks have taken a front seat in the world of American street food and are part of an ongoing food revolution. I had no idea , not even that Food Trucks has such a rich History ! Anyway , I have alot more Blogs to post enjoy ! By Freedom Mercado 

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