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Coffee Grounds Interviews with Chef Leninger ( Triple George Grill ) and Chef Martell (Oscar’s SteakHouse)!

It was sooo long ago when I meet Chef Leninger of Triple George Grill. I really had no idea of what Coffee Grounds was going to be focusing about at that time. I was just making my headway into Las Vegas! I did however know this was a talented Chef and I wanted an interview with him! I didn’t do the interview though, I was there, while my ex girlfriend and mother of my child Amy did the interview lol. I just directed the way it went, and I think it went well.
The tasting of the food was well, outstanding! And when I found out that Chef Leninger had left Triple George Grill, I knew I had to put this interview in this issue of Coffee Grounds! I just thought it would go well with the Chef Martell of Oscar’s Steak House interview; Why Not? Not one but two great Steak Houses as well as two great Chefs!
I thought it would be a great introduction for my show! I want to cover the very best of the best; Plus Sin City is known for great food, as well as it’s entertainment production, and it would seem fashion too! I love covering food as well as delightful coffee! Many of you will see that Coffee Grounds is making its path around the globe! Also I’m featuring some of my favorite gigs and events! I had a great time with Both Chef’s! I do hope I get to have the opportunity to catch up with both chefs! One being Chef Leninger being one the very first chefs to be on my show and having Chef Martell being a chef at one the most sought jazz set restaurants’ in Sin City, well at least that’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it lol!