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Evil Never Looked So Good

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If you don’t know about Evil Apparel you should check them out. They combine sexy and casual. Their T-Shirts are really comfy and the undies are well, sexy. They are promoting their camel toe g-string, which I personally don’t understand but hey guess thery’re really for the guys lol.sir103 copy

They just don’t look comfortable to me. Now they do have men shirts as well with cool biker chick art as I call it. I would really love to get my hands on their leggings, that’s one trend I can dig. I’ve just never been the type to folllow “what’s hot” because it looks like everyone is wearling the same thing. Like for instance the UGG Boots, the name speaks for itself lol. They aren’t that stylish to me.FB_IMG_1436832212798

They don’t really go with skinny jeans (which I don’t care for either) or anything really. They don’t seem practical in the rain or snow because the fabric just soaks up the moisture and no one likes soggy feet. They’re too hot for summer, so I guess on those chilly days you can wear them but they’re soo UGG lol. I personally like to wear things that are a little different that’s why I am drawn to Evil Apparel, their style of art may be considered erotic so not every woman would dare to wear it and I can feel like I’m wearing something out of the ordinary. I mean come on ladies doesn’t it suck when you see someone wearing the same thing as you? We put a lot of effort and time into getting dressed so it’s nice to feel like you’re being unique with your style. Evil Apparel is perfect for making you feel unique, I mean wear else can you find a woman’s shirt and undies that has girl on girl action on it lol. Now I’m modeling their Angel Woman T-Shirt (White) with panties to match and LipsSealed is modeling their Girl Friends Woman T-Shirt (Pink) and matching undies. The fabric consist of a mixture of polyester and spandex which gives you a sleek feel that I love, especially in this Vegas heat. You can find more about them on So for you ladies that like to walk around in T-Shirt and panties, you should come to the evil side lol. Or even wear the shirts out doors, guarantee you’ll turn some heads!

Written By: DoublePlay


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