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Flock and Fowl Downtown Las Vegas hosts United States Bartenders’ Guild Raise for Breast Cancer Event; The Socialite DJ and Mr. Black Tie DJ’s

380 West Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
(626) 616-6632


9705755_web1_copy_flock-fowl-dtlv_the-ogden_credit-mona-shield-payneYou ever wonder why downtown is always popping? It’s because they bring the unique, and they bring the best at what they do. Seriously; I don’t care who you are, what you like, or your background, go downtown and you’re guaranteed to have a good time, and Flock and Fowl fits perfectly. Right where Itsy Bitsy used to be, yeah that’s right, it’s not there. Flock and Fowl is here!
From the founders of Fat Choy, Flock and Fowl is here and on the rise! Chef Sheridan Su and his wife Jenny wanted to create a restaurant that honors one of their favorite comfort foods, and their signature dish Hainanese Chicken Rice. Starting off with their Mary’s free range chicken (that you can have fried or poached) served with chicken fat rice, cucumbers, pickled mustard greens, and 2 choices of sides. And for your those with strong taste buds and a tolerance for spices it comes with their their house made sauces (ginger scallion sauce, house made chile, and house made soy sauce). The rest of their menu is just as delicious. Check them out during their Happy Hours, everyday 3 – 6pm and 10pm to close.20180327_220119
“Flock and Fowl was born in 2015 from our obsession of serving you the perfect plate of chicken rice. We only cook what we would serve our own family. We believe what you eat should be natural, pure and fresh. We make all of our own sauces in-house, including 2 different soy sauces for your eating pleasure. We do not use MSG. We source only the best produce and use organic ingredients as much as possible.”
20180327_224622I’m so happy to have had the pleasure of DJing for them. While they hosted the United States Bartenders’ Guild’s Breast Cancer event, Mr. Black Tie and I had the pleasure of keeping the mood up with some music. First we started off with a little Liquid Jazz. This is seeming to be our signature sound, doesn’t it? lol But as the night went on and you’re in a room full of bartenders, and alcohol so does the mood. So as the drinks got cooler, and more people showed and were moving more than usual we kicked up the sounds a little. Getting them to groove a little while they’re nodding, and holding drinks. But by the end of the night, well let’s just say, you can sure bet that Flock and Fowl will definitely be an after spot!
Thank you to Ashanti and Adam. It was a great pleasure, and I will be returning for another signature Chicken Rice dish. I’m telling you guys it was that good.

Written By: The Socialite DJ