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Freedom Mercado ( with the help From Fashion Brands The Honey Pot , NightMareToys , Alt Rebel and Dreams Bridal Fashionable Sense ! ) What Dress does Your Body Shape and Fit ?

Takaria Model Fashion by Dreams Bridal

Cinderella is the ultimate girl in a great gown. A version of her narrative exists in nearly every culture, from a 9th-Century Chinese story to the old German fairy tale of The True Bride.

Sunny Model Fashion By Alt Rebel

Fairy tales such as these reveal the magical thinking behind dresses: the fantasy that a perfect gown exists that will allow us to be seen, finally, as we truly are. Throughout history, stories of women wearing beautiful dresses reveal the belief that they can bewitch and beguile – and even bend people to their will.

Dezzy Model Fashion By Dreams Bridal

Diamonds are great and all, but if you ask us, dresses are a girl’s best friend. They’re versatile, comfortable and fun. No matter what your shape is, there are amazing dress options so you can feel like a million bucks. To find your perfect dress style(s),

Tamika Model Fashion By The Honey Pot

it’s a good idea to meet us in the middle. Yes, at your waist!  To find the perfect dress to fit your body shape, determining where and how the waist of your dress hits you will make all the difference. Trust us!

Takaria Model Fashion by Dreams Bridal

Empire Waist 

Similar to the A-line, empire dresses are fitted through the bust. The main difference is that from the bust down, the empire just flows, rather than making a distinctly angular shape.

This style is another winner for just about everyone. If you’re an apple or on the curvy side, empire dresses will help you play up the bust and minimize everywhere else. If you’re more petite, this style will help define your silhouette – especially in maxi length.


Niya Model Fashion By Alt Rebel

A line dresses are fitted to your waist, and then flare out gradually to the hem. The magic in this shape is that it can minimize the midsection, hips, and thighs, and draw attention to the bust half at the same time (depending on the neckline). 

Takaria Model Fashion By Nightmaretoys

There’s a reason that most bridesmaid dresses are A-line: It is singular most flattering fit for every body type. The good news is that you actually WILL wear this style again and again, because it comes in way more varieties than just heavy pink satin!

Drop waist

Dezzy Model Fashion By Alt Rebel

This style usually conjures up the roaring 20’s and flapper dresses. We love this style in a mini length, which modernizes it a bit. The key to pulling off a drop-waist dress is making sure that it doesn’t hug you anywhere. It looks best when it hangs freely. This style looks amazing on athletic, lean, and boxy shapes who don’t have much curve throughout the hip.

What is a fit & flare?

Lily Model Fashion By The Honey Pot

Cue the confetti drop: The fit and flare looks great on just about everyone, and will never go out of fashion.

Lexi Model Fashion By The Honey Pot

This iconic style is fitted through the bodice, flaring out right below the hip. It creates a slimming, balanced silhouette while accentuating the good and hiding everything else.

Desi Model Fashion By Alt Rebel

A fit & flare is best for these body types:

Because of its balanced proportions, this dress is truly a winner for almost every body type. Apples may find that it creates a more define waste line . Athletic shapes will love it for the extra curve.

NinaSplash Model Fashion By Nightmaretoys

And since the fit-and-flare resembles an hourglass on the hanger, it’s an obvious fit for hour glass shapes .

Niya Model Fashion By Alt Rebel

What is a shift dress?

Tekilah Model Fashion By Alt Rebel

Also called a column dress, a shift  is fairly rectangular in shape. Since this style isn’t fitted, it’s definitely forgiving and comfortable. That said, the shift dress is a great go-to for work wear since the office isn’t really the place for body-conscious styles.

Takaria Model NinaSplash Model Fashion By Nightmaretoys

A shift dress is best for these body types:

Shifts look great on long and lean, apple, and athletic shapes – especially when worn with a heel.
Since this style isn’t made to be belted, hourglass shapes may miss the opportunity to show off their curves.

Dezzy Model Fashion By Dreams Bridal

The sheath dress is form-fitting and shaped by darts (usually through the bust). This style is great for date nights and cocktail parties and has a nice balancing effect overall.

Desi Model Fashion By Alt Rebel

A sheath dress is best for these body types:

Hourglass shapes will love this style, as it highlights all their best features and draw attention to their slimmer waist.
Long and lean and athletic shapes can rock this dress style as well because it can add the appearance of curves.

What is a trapeze dress?

Niya Model Fashion By Alt Rebel

The trapeze dress is to the A-line what the flare jean is to bootcut: a more exaggerated version. While the A-line is fitted through the waist, the trapeze isn’t fitted anywhere. If you lay this dress flat, it looks like a triangle. This style moves like a dream and works best on athletic and long, lean shapes. Curvier gals can pull off the trapeze too, but may miss the opportunity to highlight their best features.

Niya Model Fashion By Alt Rebel

What is a wrap dress?

Shout-out to DVF for bringing this incredibly flattering style into the spotlight. It’s hard to go wrong with a wrap dress, both for their iconic value and body shape-friendly fit.

A wrap dress is best for these body types:

Niya Model Fashion By Alt Rebel

If you’re an apple, hourglass, or generally on the curvy side, this style will play up or create a natural waist while emphasizing the bust. This creates a balancing effect on your overall silhouette. Plus, the knee-length fit makes this style perfect for day-to-night styling. Until The Next Fashionable Scene ..

Freedom Mercado