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Social Status with The Socialite DJ Socializes at La Bella Napoli (Town Square)


cam04845I don’t know too many people who do not like pizza. It’s a personal favorite of mine as well. But La Bella Napoli is giving us that original pizza taste. With their pizza, you will taste what an actual pizza is supposed to taste like! Seriously.
If you’re in the Town Square area and find yourself a little famished after shopping take a trip there. cam04843And if you go between the times of 3-7 pm you can get their special pizza buffet. And not the buffet style that you would think. Their pizza buffet is served Brazilian style. For those who are wondering, what is the Brazilian style buffet; it is when a group of servers bring the different foods to your table. That’s right, you don’t have to get up to have the different styles, just as you see it pass your table you can grab one and have it on your plate.
They have 2 main chefs behind the dough and oven creating several dishes to make your tummy smile. We had the pleasure of speaking with Chef Dominic. While I’m loving La Bella Napoli cause of their awesome authentic pizza I also love that they put a little twist on each dish, but also keeping it in a way that every individual will love each bite as well. Talking to Chef Dominic who is the executive chef, you can see his passion for pleasing customers as he talks about waning to make sure every person loves their meal.
imag2392Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky and the youngest of 7, chef Dominic was always is the kitchen. And being the son of a chef, since the age of 9 he has been helping his mom in the kitchen. It was even then he knew that he wanted to be a chef. He told us this story of how there was a coupe who would come into his parents restaurant every day. There was a periods where the couple hadn’t come in. Then he noticed one day the man came in by himself. His restaurant being like family to all talked to the gentleman. Turns out his wife had passed away. imag2388_burst002_cover
Chef Dominic went on to say you can see the comfort he had being there in the restaurant. So they talked with the man. By the time he was getting ready to leave he was smiling and laughing. The family also provided the man with comfort foods. That’s when Chef Dominic knew what and how he wanted his restaurant to be.
Taking all that he has learned from his schooling, background in media, and of course being in the kitchen with such a large family, Chef Dominic isn’t only a chef he is a man of the culinary arts.


Written By: The Socialite DJcam04851