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The Socialite DJ Learns a lesson in DJing, NPHY, Sneakers, and about Las Vegas

20171209_094933smlEvery gig is a lesson, sometimes more than one. This one is no different. I really wanted this to go differently. Like I was so excited about this gig and I wanted everything to be peachy. I remember first talking about the gig with NPHY. It was brought to my attention from Lanette, and when she asked, of course I was all for it. Seeing as how I donate sneakers to them for the kids all the time, and had a blast DJing for them during their Christmas Wrap Party.
So naturally I was stoked! I went by to donate some sneakers and had a chat with Rico. I told him how just a few days before Lanette asked me to DJ their bowling event, and he was instantly excited hearing that I was going to DJ the event.25395777_512524029128698_686897339025840251_n Which in return made me and Mr. Black Tie more excited about DJing for NPHY again. I asked him a few questions, If I needed equipment (Speakers, Amp, Mics, etc.) or are we plugging into their system. He said he would talk with them because it would be dope to plug into their system. I sent him my logo for the flyer and donated the sneakers and told them we’d be in touch.
After weeks of reaching out and asking questions about wanting to see the venue to make sure that I had the right equipment, if I even needed equipment, doing a walk through of the establishment as I’ve never been there before, and a bowling alley size can range. I still hadn’t gotten a response; so I was getting a little nervous. I had all kinds of thoughts running through my mind, than put my mind at ease convincing myself they’re probably busy trying to pull the event together, (but wouldn’t they need my part also?) thoughts running through my head. Anyways, I was able to put my mind to ease about that as I focused on DJing at Flock and Fowl and my show Traveling Kicks.20180327_224635

When I did get a response, there were a lot of unanswered questions still. The walk through wasn’t being scheduled yet, and we all wanted to look on the same day so there wouldn’t be any confusion about setting up place, and plugging up to their system. By this time the event was being pushed on Facebook. I had a few people who wanted to see me working with them before they could invest etc. (Understandable, you need proof right?) So in that time I was also reaching out asking if they could at least tag me in the event stating that I was the person to be DJing for them. I had some people ready to support what was going on, but they just needed to see that to put the nail in the coffin of doubts.

Photo_1517699153046By the time that I had gotten a full response it was a little late for the investors. (That’s okay, not really but you pick up the pieces and keep trying right). It took Mr. Black Tie calling them for me to get a response… Now that I got a response a date for the walk through wasn’t set just yet. But at this point I was told we’d be doing it within a week or so. At this moment we have 1 month left to get everything ready for this event. I was told about this event like 2 almost 3 months prior. At this point in my head I’m like, okay, I’m not sure what’s going on but I gave my word that I would do this event, and I’m still confused as to how we’re going to do this event. Lol The next week we do the walk through, and I got to see the venue, and let me tell you guys, it is far! Lol. I didn’t really know how far Suncoast was for me, like I googled it, but it didn’t compare to having to travel there.
After seeing the event venue, and location, I did have 2 more questions, because now I’m finding out that we have to use our own equipment, not plugging into the house, and I have to find a way there as far as it is. So I asked, if they had any resources for speakers, because it was a pretty big venue, and I wanted to make sure music and everything will be heard while 64 lanes are all bowling, also if they could help us with a Lyft or a way there. As in the beginning, we explained that we would have no problem DJing for them for free if they could get us there and feed us. They said that was no problem, and I hadn’t asked them for anything until this point as I was getting commute done on my own, and providing the music while donating shoes that I restore, out of pocket, because well, I really want to help the kids in the best way that I know how.34859167_1983661514998306_7958600847896608768_o
So while waiting for them to get back to me about the last 2 questions I began putting more effort into Traveling Kicks to have something to give back for the summer and when school starts some of them can have a new pair of shoes as well as their friends will. Getting the reply back they didn’t have speakers but they may be able to get me a Lyft. That’s good right? At least one worry is down and out the way, and I was feeling a little better about doing the event. Not as pumped as I was in the beginning but, by this point, it’s all or nothing. So, I’m giving it my all. Just a couple days before the event I get the call with a promo for Lyft. That part was going smooth, I put it into the app and it showed the credit amount. Now I’m ready for the event, for the most part, just keep hoping that what we have is enough to fill the space, and if not you show out for the best outcome!
Day of event, I got everything going. I went through my DJ checklist. All equipment working (check) software updated so it won’t during my set (check) all cords and wires I’m going to need in the bag (check) all music clean, and family friendly (check). Now as I’m getting ready to order the Lyft, (at 2pm we’re not to be there until 4), I’m not sure what was wrong with it but it kept asking for my credit cards. After putting in 3 different cards, still not getting the Lyft to order, I sent out emails, and called (you can’t call Lyft by the way, don’t let the google forums lie to you), and calming down from panicking desperately trying to find a solution, I called Lanette and Rico to let them know what was going on and why I wasn’t there yet, (it’s 3:45 now). I get a call back around 4:15 and I was able to let them know what the situation was.
20171209_115719At almost 4:30 they wanted to order the Lyft themselves, to come and get me and the equipment. I had already taken my equipment out of the heat as we all know it can’t be sitting out in the open heat too long and I already sat outside with my equipment for 2 hours trying to order the Lyft, and after thinking about everything that happened to get to this point, It really didn’t feel right. The job began to feel rushed and unorganized, so for me and my team, I decided that it would probably be best to sit this one out. I’m hoping to have a sit down with them soon, so that we can discuss the issues that were presented during the time of this event so that the future events will go as smooth as possible.
So in the end the lesson that I learned was to get these small details out the way so that if others present themselves you can handle those within a timely manner. As well, DJ’s know your worth. We put so much time and effort into these events, and a lot of the time we don’t get that respect we deserve for the effort we put in. And I just want to let ya’ll know to keep pushing, in anything you’re doing even if you’re not in the music, keep pushing. You know your worth and don’t let anyone buy you for less. Much love, i’ma keep spinning! This is progress baby!

Written By: The Socialite DJ