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The Socialite DJ Presents Traveling Kicks

sld1It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to do something that I love doing (outside of my DJing of course). And now that I am I can’t wait to share this with any and everyone! Since I’ve been doing projects on The Caffeine Radio like creating tunes, and video editing, and helping to produce shows like TheCaffeineRadio Tv as well as The AM Show, (which is a show that The Caffeine Radio partnered up with LasVegas.Net and started)18601239_1555328467831615_1834070538_n

I have branched out a little to explore what I love more. Traveling Kicks is my new baby! We are going to explore the culture of the Sneaker Community. Every city out there has a history in the sneaker community and I’m going to be revealing as much as I can to you. From knowing how to keep your kicks clean, to restorations, and more fun where to shop for the hottest kicks!






Written By: The Socialite DJ

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