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Traveling Kicks Travels to WWD Magic at Stitch with Cofi Leathers

20180214_134604Traveling Kicks is back traveling again! We went to WWD Magic again this year and traveled over to Stitch and got to talk to Cofi Leathers. Ladies this one is for you! Fellas, pay close attention to what you can get for your lady. Cofi Leathers is a new brand that not only sells shoes, but also boots, handbags, and accessories. They’ve been around for about 4 to 5 years, and their unique style of shoes will bring women to look at sneakers in a more fashionable way. 20180214_134626With their many styles and designs, there are shoes and boots that fit the style of any woman, even the pickiest of women. Don’t believe me, take a look. You can check out Steffi’s designs on Cofi Leathers website at Keep updated with what’s next for them on their Facebook (
What is Cofi Leather? Well Cofi is the name of her children. She combined their names to give her customers a more personal insight to whom she is and what their company is about. Steffi, the fashionista that she is has always had an eye for fashion and the newest and hottest trends. With her father being in the leather business for over 45 years, she was bound to pick up on great things. Based out of Denver, CO Cofi Leathers is a wholesale store. The coolest thing is that she can switch up the fabric and style of shoe to fit the store’s unique look also.
20180214_134808Cofi Leathers uses their own printed leathers using Italian papers and foils to create their stunning products. With their plethora choices of leather, boutiques and stores will have no problem finding a style that fits their store. You can choose through their catalog of leathers on her website
Unfortunately, she is not selling retail yet, but you can find Cofi Leathers in over 100+ stores nation wide. You can find a store that sells Cofi Leathers in almost every state including Hawaii and Alaska. So if one store doesn’t have the style you want individually be sure to check out one of the many boutiques and stores she’s in. You can find all the stores on her website



Written By: The Socialite DJ