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The Socialite DJ and Mr. Black Tie DJ’s for Truk N Yaki at Magic

Anytime I’m doing something new, I get this sense of a feeling that makes me anxious. Whether it be DJing, dressing, or eating even. So DJing at Magic for the first time at Truk n Yaki, was slightly nerve wrecking, but it’s a good thing. So you can imagine how I felt about eating my first burrito. Yes, I said it, my first burrito. Go on, laugh it up. Lol.CAM00423

But honestly my first Truk N Yaki experience was an awesome one. Not only did I get to DJ for them at Magic, but they were the ones to give me my first burrito. I had the rib-eye steak burrito, with brown rice. And now just the thought of it, I’m craving this as I write. Lol. The wrap was perfect, magI’ve seen some people try to wrap a burrito and it always comes unraveled, or never even looks right, just looks unappetizing. But there’s I was looking like ooh, I’ve never had one of these before, this looks great. Lol. As I bit into it the steak was so tender, and the rice made to perfection. Not too sticky or runny. I was in food heaven.CAM00374

As for my DJ set, I knew I had to come different. There were going to be people from all over the world so I had to come with music that everyone would enjoy, and no one gets offended by. So that’s what I did. I started off a little slow, just getting the feel. But I played a little music from all over so the different nationalities of people were loving it. The best part was when people came over and after they got their food they would still hang around a bit just to hear more of the set. That was a great feeling. I love being able to mix up the sounds, you never know who will be walking by, and that was the excitement!

You can find their food riding around Vegas usually, but if your craving them quicker, such as I am right now just go to and they will tell you where they are stationed for the day! Check them out!

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Written By: The Socialite DJ

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