September 30, 2022

About Us

Things have changed for Fashion Radio since it’s last transition of management. We have a whole new station of radio personalities, and DJ’s are coming! Also the station goals and direction has changed. With a new radio personality leading the way.
The Socialite DJ has been putting the Fashion Radio back into the mix of the fashion industry as well as back into it’s roots of being apart of the music scene. Which makes perfect since for Fashion Radio. The Socialite DJ herself will be giving listeners a unique show called “Social Status”. It’ll be on five days a week! With her leading the way, the infamous Mr. Black Tie (founder of Fashion Radio), is back on the air waves early in the morning with his morning show Coffee Grounds. Which has been on countless of Radio Stations for more of that go to
Mr. Black Tie’s direction for the radio station has always been about learning and entertaining. “The issue for Fashion Radio Station is finding a balance of both.” – Mr. Black Tie
One particular radio personality who goes by the name of Sir Fashion is doing exactly that. Catch Sir Fashion on his show called “Sir Fashion”. His show is ___ in the direction of education, inspiration, and hopefully entertaining for all of the listeners.
Fashion Radio’s direction has finally made that extra push towards finding that balance. For a few years it was more about the entertainment. But things have changed and are still in the changing transition. “It’s under new leadership”. – Sir Fashion The Socialite DJ is making a real difference for our listeners. Which is a good thing for the company.
The process of Fashion Radio is happening as many of you are reading this to just
With new radio personalities and DJ’s. From spirituality, radical, to political, and educational, and of course back to the entertainment. It is all happening right now! Besides that Fashion Radio is bringing back the good ol’ days. Only on Throw Back Thursdays where Fashion Radio’s past DJ’s and radio personalities come on air for the whole day! So with all this going on we say Welcome To Fashion Radio!!!

Thank You and We Love You All!

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