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Alt Rebel The Rebel of High Scale Vintage Fashion of Las Vegas.

Whether you’re looking for unique fashion finds or trying to earn extra money by cleaning out your closet, there are plenty of online consignment sites to both buy and sell on (please don’t just throw out your clothes when you’re done with them!). Additionally, therein lies troupes of influencers, stylists and independent entrepreneurs who are applying their critical tastes to foster their own second-hand shops.

Whether conducting business via DM on Instagram or on a full-fledged site, the up-in-coming movers and shakers of the circular economy are aletering our perspectives on resale fashion by presenting handpicked objects, clothing and accessories in cohesive edits with distinguishable flair.

While surfing the web , if your living or even visiting Sin City. There is a place rising out of the depths of retail shops of becoming the spot to find brand names and well upscale vintage at a reasonable price . There is a place called Alt Rebel. Its even giving Buffalo Exchange ( Las Vegas Location ) a run for it’s money !

I had the pleasure of meeting Taylor the owner of Alt Rebel one day .From that point I spoke to her about doing a Fashion Editorial Blog on Alt Rebel !

As we spoke I have to admit She is one the most up positive person’s I have ever meet while combing the art district for new fashion content!

crazy part there is a good chance you meet her If you’ve ever came into the new store, you’ve probably interacted with her ( As I did ) from the time she can remember has loved used clothing. for Taylor it’s the best thing a friend could ever give her was a bag of their hand-me-downs.


( Yuppper’s Seriously for her it was a fun challenge on what she could make it to her very own style and image. Of Course as she grew older, however, She truly began to appreciate the inspiration, vibes & energy that came from the aesthetic & decor of a well thought out secondhand store.

Whenever She traveled, She made sure to bookmark all of the local vintage & thrift shops so she know exactly where what she wanted to go when she got there. Alt Rebel is becoming one of Vintage major key’s to scoring one-of-a-kind items, often designer, at an affordable price point.

But for those who don’t live in vintage meccas like New York City, Los Angeles, or Paris, it can be slim pickings. In this day and age, fortunately though there is Alt Rebel for those who live in Las Vegas and who perfer to walk in! It’s easy to be a vintage lover wherever you are—there are several well-curated online shops and apps that help you find the best of the best. Yes, you have sites like eBay and TheRealReal, but there are so many more online e-commerce retailers that offer gorgeous second-hand bags, shoes, jewelry, and so on.

Alt Rebel

 With platforms such as Poshmark and Depop users can trade, sell, and buy vintage goods totally on their own. You can even mingle and interact with one another through the platforms, which takes shopping to a whole new level. Also, Instagram has been an amazing tool in the vintage shopping world by giving smaller shops a platform to showcase their drool-worthy items. Check out our hand-picked options among the range of online vintage stores—scoring that covetable Chanel bag has never been easier. The Best part of having Alt Rebel in Sin City , they have that style of Vintage and more also they are even having fashion show ! Until Next Scene Stay Fashionable !

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