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As A Matter Of A Fact … When The Students Become More .. ” They Are Making Money Moves “

These young bright minds of thoughts and creativity are making bigger moves I ever had imagine they dare to do. Sure they where already hunger for success. But for being millennial’s they aren’t fitting the stereo type. In only a week or two , they have rose into becoming a social media force to be sought out.

Groovy Steph

One Leading the Blogger’s of we are makin money move’s is Groovy Step. She is relentless on the social media hunt of what’s what. Already two Blogs up on the Social Blogger’s list of to be viewed by viewer’s on a Global rise. Then there is the laid back Columinst Millionaire Mike.

Writing something on some kind level of positive energy and words of encouragement

We are makin money move crew is doing what most only could dream of ! Sure many are going to say, I’m only bragging because on some level these are student’s of mine. Maybe on some level I shouldn’t even call them student’s quite yet. They only have begun on a Intern minute, but damn they are on the level of becoming Graduates ” Seriously”. They never faltered from learning and moving forward. Constantly asking question’s and making choice’s quickly. They have not just listen and learn, they are getting results. I have to admit I wasn’t sure they get the Importance of getting a website up and setting up their foundation. We are makin money move’s are not just making the right moves lol . They are going to be one the to go to multi media firms to seek for work. They value the info and knowledge , no secert agenda and bull shit , these youngster’s are pushing forward. Now it could be also each of the Ladies and Gents make the crew what it is ? But I have to make a point to say each one of them are on point. They each know what he or she can add to the group. Such as Jaz to rad who simply loves a good moment with friends and family. It even make’s her life better when she can share her success with other’s as well . She is one of the Leader’s of the group and lead she does.

Jaz to Rad

You can be sure to know one thing about Jaz to Rad , she loves a good drink lol. Which makes her Blog very different from the other’s , simply you looking for a new drink to find Jaz to Rad will be Blogging about it ! She is even willing to share ones she hasn’t even heard of ! Just let her know where to go and take taste. We makin money moves Isn’t your typical Website of just stuff lol . Know this group has a Bigger plan than most of any of my clients or student’s I have worked with. They give me no drama , they are constantly asking more and more questions and seeking knowledge. They are tying always up grading what they just put together. So yeah I have to admit there is something special about this group.

Ear Off Erick

The Student Leading the Entire Crew of We makin money move is Ear of Erick ( He never , ever , ever stops asking me questions or seeking guidance , its like he is living computer lol . Which might be the reason why he on flight! He is always thinking about his entire crew , making sure he is making the right choices for each one of them. But then again that’s what a good leader does. Now The Stylist’s of the Crew , which i do hope she truly consider’s taking that advice i gave her Mami Jenny is already on the social media doing what she is doing. All she has to do is take it to the next Level , which she will do quickly if she jumps on we making money move as the company stylist’s.

Mami Jenny

There are more coming to the crew of we makin money , and of course I will be there for them. I just don’t know really what else I can teach them lol. They seriously are making the right move’s. I’m excited to see these Ladies and Gents to on the right path.