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Black Smoke (Mr. Black Tie & The Socialite DJ) Jazz it Up at Tourneau

t2When I created the group BlackSmoke, it was for myself and The Socialite DJ to be able to DJ together (gives me more time to spin with her. lol) I had no idea that our popularity would  be growing as fast it is. We are DJing alot more this year together as a DJing duo than expected. This gig at Tourneau is our third time spinning there.  It happened around 6 pm on Thursday. We had more visual contact for this one as well. We were DJing on their top level, by their escalator. There was a little more pressure, it was a long day already lol.to1

Tourneau is the largest jewelry shop in the world. It holds 3 stories and numerous brands from the most luxurious of Rolex and Patek Philippe to the casualties of G Shock. They were holding a customer appreciation event and nothing shows your customers you appreciate them more than Whiskey and music right. Lol.

It’s always a little interesting when DJing in a store such as this. You never know what kind of music lover will walk through the t11door. You may get some of the most strangest requests. There was one time a little boy was told by his father or grandfather to ask us to put on Pit Bull. Not going to lie, I was taken back a little by that. Lol.

We started off the night with light sounds of funky jazz. Then a little later sped things up hitting some of the crowds favorites of pop music from the oldies to the present. Then finishing the set off with a little house.
What started off to be a crazy day ended with a great response from Tourneau. Thank you all for allowing us to return, we do hope to return and DJ for you all again.

Written By: Mr. Black Tie