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BlackSmoke (Mr. Black Tie & The Socialite DJ) DJ’s at Top Shop and Harley Davidson Cafe New Years Eve Las Vegas Strip

DJing New Year’s eve was unbelievable for myself and The Socialite DJ as we just started our DJing act as two being called BlackSmoke. 1451644131109The coolest part we hadn’t got just one gig for new year’s eve, we got two. lol (crazy right ???) We’ve been blessed with two. Both on the Vegas strip as well… The Day of New Years, we had the opportunity to Spin for Top Shop located at Fashion Show Mall. Starting at 12pm that afternoon, so we had to get to the Vegas strip early that day. Due to the gig and well the parking was going to be horrible if we hadn’t.

1451602361817It was really early that morning lol. Due to it being new years, can you believe there were a few specs of people already on the start of getting their party on! The crazy part our other gig for the main event of New Years eve was across the other side of the Vegas Strip at Harley Davidson Café! So from 12pm to 5 pm we spun at Top Shop. Which was a cool start for our debut officially as Black Smoke.!

We started off what we were asked to Spin. Top 40 and radio hits of course. We did throw in some EDM, Tribal, and Bass and Drums of course lol. It went well. Time went fast actually. When we were finally done, we shut down the set at 5pm. Top Shop Management was cool and thanked us for the great set. The Socialite DJ was hungry and little nervous for our next set. ( so was I ) We had to get to Harley Davidson Café. CAM03424It was a crazy moment as we left the Fashion Show Mall, the strip was full of people drinking and yelling and shouting ( at five pm!!!) The Socialite DJ lead the way as we moved through the standing crowd. We had to get to Harley Davidson Café by six to st up everything. We weren’t going to try to have a close call if something went wrong lol. (any professional DJ would know to always be there way earliest to the gig) well that’s how we roll anyway! So after rushing and pushing our way to the Harley Davidson Café. I was getting a little tired and well agitated. The socialite DJ smiled at me and said ”We can do this” she said as we moved onward. When we finally got to Harley Davidson Café, we started to set things up the main stage. The coolest part of this event, we got to eat before we got started.

-Written By: Mr. Black Tie