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The Socialite DJ and Double Play talks with Cocco Bella at Stitch

DSC_03421212 My first time going to Magic was pretty cool. For those who do not know, Magic is THE fashion week in Las Vegas. There is MRket, Stitch, Capsule, etc. (So many more) all into one big event. So big that its not all even in one location! Any ways, My first time was unbelievable. There was so much stuff everywhere. All of the big time designers were there, and I was in awe.

Our mission was to find at least one designer to interview, and I got it! Our first designer that we interviewed at Magic was Cocco Bella. We were walking around in Stitch and came across them. Their a clothing line that isn’t quite in America yet, but will be soon. They’re based out of Canada, but you can always find their clothing on their website…DSC_03341212

I was so nervous talking with them. I didn’t know what to say. Lol. I never had to interview anybody before. But the conversation came natural once we got on the camera. After the interview, I asked if we could do a quick photo shoot in a few of their clothes. I hate rejection so I held my breathe as they answered. But they said yes. Jessica and her sister were so nice and awesome. So we picked out clothing for myself and my partner DoublePlay, ran to change and quickly did the shoot.
At the end of it all when returning the clothes to them, they asked if we really liked them. Of course we did, the clothes were awesome! I wore an off the shoulder shirt that said “Wild Style” with a tiger in the letters, and DoublePlay wore a chic dress from them. They were just like okay, give us your address and we will send them to you. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t think people actually got clothes that way. I mean I know big name’s do, but we were just beginning. It was so cool.

Prior to this I had never heard of Magic before. So this being my first year and I had the opportunity to meet these women was amazing. Sarah and Jessica are two sisters from Canada who went into the family business of fashion. They’re line Cocco Bella was one of the styles that we (myself and my then partner Double Play) had liked, and had the opportunity to chat with. Check out our conversation and what Cocco Bella has in stock!


Written By: The Socialite DJ