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Coffee Grounds Begin’s Once Again on The Fashion Radio

Beside Taking Control of The Fashion Radio Path on The Air Wave’s once more. Mr.Black Tie Brings back Coffee Grounds Talk Radio , that once made its Debute in sin city on KLAV 1230 AM. Then went to Ybs Radio for moment and the rose into the air waves of The Caffeine Radio and Then Fashion Radio.

Coffee Grounds hasn’t been around due to simply me not focused on The Show, I was somewhere else in Mind , Soul, and Spirit! Which isn’t a good thing at all.Due to the fact it was Talk Radio was the starting point. For my so called success in the Dj’ing Industry. I’m not going to find excuse’s for why I lost sight , or why I gave up on talk radio.There are way to many reason’s for me sadly to speak about. I can say also how much I let to many of people take the helm,control of everything that I hold close to me. I let too many people let down simply bring me down. I let their issues’s become my issue’s.See how easily I started into the excuse’s lol. In all I was the dream maker of dreams.I was the captain of the ship and I simply jump ship. That’s nothing to brag about to any person. I have now the time to set things right. Honestly I miss Doing talk radio on every level of the definition.

I Love Djing as well and I don’t plan on every stopping doing that as well , I just need to find balance between the both. I have been through a’lot of should of’s and could of shit as well.Once again though no one else to blame but myself. Now Though after all the dust has clear away from the mess left this time. I understand truly where to go and how to handle what I let allowed to happen to Coffee Grounds. It’s apart of who I am and what I Have became and what I will be.

Being Mr.BlackTie on Coffee Grounds has a’lot of history.Which seems to be crazy to me all in all. I didn’t understand that I needed to keep doing talk radio for just myself.Until I finally had no one else to rely on or no one else to listen about my fear’s and dreams.Better to yet to express my thoughts and question my insight’s.Honestly maybe its a mixture of both , my desire’s and passion.Which if many of you didn’t’ know are two different things. I have meet some many people along the way. Some have become friend’s other’s major disappointments. Those who have tune into Coffee Grounds know what I am talking about lol.

I’m have begun a journey of getting back into my writings which I’m finding myself once again. I have no one to rely on , most importantly to lie to me and make excuse’ why they didn’t make the gig . No more of me trying to help someone get their dream’s into a reality. I’m going to go for minds this time. If by chance their are a few who wants to come along the ride.I’m good with that , but this time I am focused on me.I will always be fair as possible of course it’s who I am. But I’m focused on my goals and success. So Yeah I’m bringing back Coffee Grounds and that means everything it meant as well. Much Love and Respect Ladies and Gents!

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