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Social Status: The Socialite DJ talks with Alan Surbough and Magical Memories featuring Disney Fine Art

Like everyone else, I love Disney. Their channel, the shows, the toys, the characters, and the parks. I’ve watched it as a little girl and now I still watch it to this day. Every day I watch Disney. I wake up to it; I go to sleep to it. I love Disney. Lol. Doing the interview was like a dream! I was so nervous about it, thought about it day and night. But getting to that wasn’t easy. But as Disney teaches, persistency is the key.
I first came across Magical Memories Presents Disney Fine Art, as I was walking through the Grand Bazaar Shops looking for a spot to DJ at. (Which I did by the way, got to be the first DJ for The Fuel Bar!) But I looked inside and walked back out of the Disney art store. I took a deep breath and walked back in asking to talk to the manager. And that’s how I met Alan. He liked the idea and said to give the owner a call. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Neil but, I want to thank him for allowing us to do the interview in store.
Prepping for the interview, I was nervous. I had so many questions that I’ve always wanted to ask. And I figured now would be the best opportunity. I gathered questions for almost a week straight, practicing how to ask them, I really didn’t want to mess up.

When I got there Alan thanked me for my patience and persist ency and we got into the interview. I was so excited to be finally doing this interview that this day had finally come. I started off with a few questions of the store. They actually have some original pieces in there. Not just a copy of the original, but 5 authentic original Disney pieces. If you’re a collector or even just a huge admirer of Disney as I am, you should go check them out. They also have a lot of unique art in there, from a lot of movies. Right now, Frozen has some popular pieces. This is expected, Frozen was the movie of the year! Then I asked my big question, a question that I’ve wanted to know for years….
Is Mickey Mouse Disney’s first cartoon character? He is everywhere, when I think of Disney the first character that comes to mind is Mickey Mouse, the face is Mickey Mouse, and even the pools are shaped of Mickey Mouse at Disney World.
It was to my surprise that he is not! Mind blowing right? I know. I was and still am speechless too. Their first character was actually Oswald the rabbit, whom by the way they just received, rights back of the character.

See the thing I like about Disney; they’re a multi-cultural company that has been lasting all of these years. No matter what the public came out with, or what competition that they had, Disney always seemed to come strong and never seize to amaze. They reach out to every culture, and do a thorough job when they deliver. You can actually learn a lot from just watching the Disney movies. Other cultural customs, history, practices, I love it.

As mentioned a lot of adults like Disney as well. I feel that it’s a walk down memory lane that you can share with your children. Just like if you were to go to Disney World or Disney Land it’s a memory that comes alive here in this store. Magical Memories Presents Disney Fine Art will have adults in a flash back and kids in heaven. With their fine arts of Disney scenes, collectibles, piggy banks, lunch boxes, night lights, and snow globes. You can have an entire Disney collection! Located right out front of Bally’s in the front of the Grand Bazaar Shops your only a few moments away from having that I’m a kid moment again. You can find out more amazing things about Disney, just listen to the interview!

Written By: The Socialite DJ