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Due to The Fashion Radio Going Daily By Oct 21 , We are now looking For Fashion Editor’s , Photographer’s , Models ( Maybe Just two more ) Radio Personalities ( Just Three more ) Stylist’s and Image Consultant’s ( one More )

I talked to my Senior Crew , who has been Brilliant in everything we have been set in goals of what needed to get done.

Fashion Radio Editor Miss Styles

Everything that needed to get finished and set to move forward is almost complete. Now I have to get things ready to rock and roll for the set date. The Studio Station is ready for action to go live actually. It’s time to add some more to the inner circle of The Fashion Radio. I’m a little nervous to be even considering anyone to The Fashion Radio to be honest.

I have worked very hard to get this where it’s going right now. I have pushed this company to it’s limit and The Sponsor’s and Supporter’s who is coming aboard for The Fashion Radio is going to epic as it is lol ! We have been working , net working and pushing for new interviews. As well new locations for photo shoots and Brands to become apart of this too.

Now with all this yes and some not yet let’s see what The Fashion Radio can do. Fashion Radio is ready …( Seriously it’s a good thing when barely anyone Brand company say’s either yes or say’s not yet!

For us at The Fashion Radio that means convince us why we should get into The world of The Fashion Radio. So far we are on it , got three new Brands Companies just yesterday ! I also coming to the reality I can do all the photo shoots coming up lol.

I also need to bring other’s such as Stylist’s , Image Consultant’s which Include Make Up Artist’s too. Of Course I will need to get Photographer’s onboard as well. But I’m not looking to just for anyone as well. The Fashion Radio is on The Up Rise once more, which has happen before , but i made the wrong call. I didn’t listen to my crew on adding more crew’s.

Fashion Radio Freelancers Photogs are needed !

So this time I am going to do so , Which I need to get it done asp , due to the reason The Fashion Radio is going to setting Up a Cali Location in the Fashion District! As I said we are making so very bold moves , due to so much planing and set ups. So here go , much Love and Respect ! Till Next Fashion Scene .. The Blogger