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Face Book Group , Black Las Vegas …


I have to admit I’m part of alot of Groups , and it would seem Im getting the most out of Facebook Group Black Las Vegas .

Fashion Radio is by far getting more diversity of Due to joining Black Las Vegas . Also Learning about my community of people and business around me as well. I’m also got so much insight from the group. From Fashion Designer’s and Chef’s alike ! ( Go Figure ; right ? ) Don’t get me wrong , I have my own personal groups as well lol .

But This Group is constantly posting and active ! I love that , and that’s Brilliant ! There isn’t anything out of the box I have seen either that might me question the , well the goals of the group admins. I’m a professional Blogger ,and I’m looking to Blog !

I need groups that are active and that might give leads on new blogs to write! So Far I’ve connected with so many people as well as making some serious business connections. I will be also be Blogging more about other Facebook Groups I like as well , and those I don’t , I will be honestly blog about why i do and don’t like about them. Black Las Vegas is one of those I like so far , I would hope they work on their posting admins though. I would more more if they respond faster to my post.

There is no reason for me to post If it takes a day for my post to appear. Anyway As said , if you looking for a active Group as well trying to reach your community Black Las Vegas is one so far , if anything changes , I be the first to Blog about it ! Much Love and Respect !