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Fashion Radio is Returning to The Air Waves!

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I have been through many Director’s, acting Ceo’s ,to Partner’s who had run the direction of The Fashion Radio. Which in all have had some Positive and Negative results for The Fashion Radio. It has finally come to my concerns that where The Fashion Radio goals and direction needs to go. It has had some many turnover’s.I’m done taking that route of letting someone else take direction of The Fashion Radio.I’m not knocking anyone who lead The Fashion Radio. They all had something that was Appreciated to the Path where The Fashion Radio is headed to now. Things here went down due to a’lot of lack of focused on my part. I have know figure out what works and what wont.

I know now what must be done. For the true success of Fashion Radio. More Focusing on Fashion , from Stylist’s,Image Consultant’s,and Model Personalities. (Something New to the Fashion Industry) plus I created this new style of Fashion Bloggers. But back to Focusing more on Fashion Radio.As I said , More Focusing from Stylist’s,Image Consultant’s, Model Personalities , ( More on who are those later).More Fashion Blogger’s as well which will Include Photographer’s as well as Make Up Artist’s ! A’lot is coming to The Fashion Radio this Season! I have done a’lot of work into this new look , and path for The Fashion Radio. I will including a’lot of more Interviews and Fashion Insights to Fashion Radio Beside Unique Music from Unique Musicians and Producers. It will take a moment to get all this happening .But much of this is already has begun. So Welcome to The New Fashion Radio !