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“It’s more about being sexy, young, fun and passionate,” said GUESS Store Manager Maria Graves at the Northpark Center Mall, describing how a person feels when wearing GUESS. “It’s also about showing confidence in who you are.”
Just look at the sleek, sultry but confident models shown on television and in shopping malls. They represent a timeline of sensuous chic designs found in almost every closet around the world.
The genius behind these designs originated in the 1970s with the Marciano brothers who were raised in the south part of France, a region that cultivated a passionate understanding of French design and the essence of style. Maurice, Paul, Armand, and Georges Marciano wanted to combine a love of the American West with a little European sensibility, and with that desire, GUESS? Inc. was born.
Unfortunately, the 1970s was a decade where clothing design had little or no direction. People felt denim was dated and that jeans were hardly a fashion statement. The Marciano brothers and GUESS? came along and changed that forever. Their approach was fresh, sexy, and set the standard for the future of denim.
People started wearing jeans to show off their sense of style, rather than wear them only for manual labor. Denim became the new fad, except that it didn’t fade out or go away-it took over the industry.
“The wonderful thing about the GUESS line is, men and women from ages 12, 13, and up to age 40 can wear GUESS, and it looks great with every body type,” Graves said enthusiastically. She added, “People come in the store to shop for their son or daughter saying, ‘I can’t wear GUESS,’ and I say, ‘Are you kidding? Let me show you something.’”
GUESS? Inc. recently started offering larger sizes to fit a more diverse audience instead of just petite, slender sizes found in many other designer stores. In addition to being more varied, the new spring collection has changed to accommodate the “casual” side of things.

guess1 copyComing soon, GUESS will have less frills and lace, and more laid-back items, such as Cargo Cadet Pants, Low-waisted Jeans, Corduroy, Suede, and Utility Girl outfits. Tricia Bruno, GUESS? Store Manager at Stonebriar Center Mall in Frisco, mentioned that the focus for spring is bottoms.
“The Cargo Cadet pant is the number one selling bottom. It is featured in many ad campaigns and is available in four colors, Hush (pink), Black, White, and Mash (green),” Bruno said. The men’s line will include fashion forward Basic Denim, Washed Denim, Embroidered Denim, and Cargo Pants.
“Our men’s collection is growing constantly, and is a lot larger than in previous years,” Bruno commented.
Every month a new collection arrives to appease the ever-changing styles and looks, and the fashion-happy customers.
“They [Marciano] definitely do their research really well, because you come into GUESS and don’t know what to expect from one minute to the next,” Graves stated.
One aspect about the line that is always put into play, she mentioned, is that the designs are timeless, top quality, and reasonably priced even for designer clothes.
GUESS is known as one of the top three retailers in the U.S.” Graves said. “Eighty to ninety percent of the U.S. population know and wear GUESS.”
GUESS? Inc. currently operates over 180 retail and factory stores domestically, over 1,000 in-store shops in other retailers, and sells merchandise in over 70 countries worldwide.
Both Graves and Bruno expect to see more surprises in the months to come. And GUESS? will always be one step ahead, daring to do what others wish they could.
GUESS? in the Stonebriar Center Mall can be reached at (972) 731-8859. GUESS? in the Northpark Center Mall can be reached at (214) 739-8195.

–Amy N, F Writer

Hair by: Paul Mitchell Student Stylists Elan Aguirre and Celia Williams;

Makeup by: Ashlee

Photography: by Sir Fashion


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