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Hunnie Ghurl is coming to The Fashion Radio Station.

I have to admit Hunnie Ghurl she is way more then just a regular client. She is a friend ( for me these days a that’s saying a’lot! Due to the fact of what I have been through last year and this coming one so far! I’m glad to be able to call a friend. Who By the way is rare in to today’s society of Djs and Model’s Personalities. Only in the Game of The Modeling Industry for a short time. Is becoming a sought out Model here at The Fashion Radio. It could be also due to Her rare ability to be part of the edm world as well.

She loves all styles of music. Could be her love for the Windsor Fashion as well .Seriously the woman loves Windsor lol ! That’s all she has she say’s laughing at our last photo shoot. We went on a hike. Which was a unique park that I never new existed in Vegas! But then I’m City Folk lol . I love the Downtown Las Vegas. Bloody Hell I live in the Arts District for years! Which has been Called things through out the years I lived there. Still Jasmine aka Hunnie Ghurl persuade me into this world of hiking lol and photo shooting!

I don’t want to get into what happen there for me, this isn’t about ,but about her. Hunnie Ghurl is going to become a force. That will be in demand by the Music Industry and Fashion World. Already has a website in the works! Which will have some the latest fashion trends by some of the finest Fashion Designer’s in the Industry. Being a tattoo lover of sorts. Hunnie Ghurl isn’t going to be your typical model on any level. She is about Rockstar fashion and high energy dance Vibrations. With also Her Humorous attitude , Her Talk Radio Show Hunnie Ghurl. Jasmine aka Hunnie Ghurl is coming to The Fashion Radio Station this month. This is just a intro of Her coming to The Fashion Radio!

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