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Its Not the Diamond, its your Hymen

Hey Ladies, JP Hitch here talking about everything above and below. So you are engaged or maybe you have a promise ring, or better yet he has told you his intentions. BUT no action! except between the sheets. Well you are not getting a diamond, he just wants the hymen. He has dazzled you with a fluidity of poetry it would rival the music of Mozart. You ate it up, he was the pied piper wanting your vulva. Look, if you have been engaged for a couple years, promised for more than a year, he’s has told you he is going to commit but it has not happen. Shut and lock the doors to the magic kingdom and let the truth be told. It may hurt, but like a band aid rip it off. Protect your vulva like the nuclear codes to the United States. When the deserving man comes to you correct, you choose when and if he enters the garden. When he asked you to marry him, if he isn’t ready that same day ( doesn’t mean you will marry on that day ) but if he is not ready he is a busta. That’s right you heard it here and listen to me on Friday night 8 PST.

Comments? Questions about your love life?