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Jack of Spades DJ’s at Desigual in Fashion Show Mall

I remember the first time where I heard of Desigual. It was at magic. My first time going there as well now that I think about it. Mr. Black Tie was searching high and low for this booth in particular. When we finally found it, it was way more than I expected. There was this gigantic booth along the back wall and they had fruit and a live paint design going and just so much activity going in and out. It was very cool.DSC_1651

When we get there we were looking for Silvia Minguella. But sure enough miss Minguella was at their other booth at the Venetian. We were at the Mandalay bay location. Lol Then when we get there of course sure wasn’t there. Well she was but she went to lunch. So we had to wait. Finally we get to talk, we email, we contact; And then finally we were called to do their customer appreciation weekend.

We were so happy this was our first gig at the Fashion Show Mall. (Oh did I mention that this was in the beginning) when The Socialite DJ was Lips Sealed and was in a girl DJ group called Jack of Spades.


Again. This was our first gig that we attempted to handle ourselves. Lol So my job was to make sure all that was discussed was handled and situated while my partner had the speakers from one of our biggest supporters DSC_16468 Ball Bail Bonds. When we got there everything was ready to go but we had the bad speaker… Day one not looking so well. Lol I felt bad cause I knew I should’ve double checked myself. So Mr. Black Tie (mister cool guy lol) had a friend of his help us out.

DSC_1700Once the correct speaker got there I had no other thoughts except not messing up anymore and making sure the music was great. That was the only thing that I had to offer and to come in early the next day to make up for the hour that we took to get started. OMG I didn’t need any more mistakes. But the rest of the event went smooth. (I think) The customers and staff seemed to have loved the music, and I was just very appreciative to even be allowed to come back the second day after that fiasco. But over all everything was cool. From the photo shoots done with our then crew Black Butterflies up to the actual event (their customer appreciation).
Thank you to everyone at Desigual for allowing us to DJ for your event. And hopefully the next time you all have an event I can be your DJ. Much love to miss Minguella, and Desigual!

Written By: The Socialite DJ