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Latest Fashion Style on the Streets of Sin City .. Brought to You by Alt Rebel .

Well while many are just getting the funk of last year forgotten. I have been plotting a’lot of whats going to be what for the next Fashion Season. While For being known as a Fashion Editorial Photographer Blogger. I’m also a Stylist and Image Consultant. Which Is what I’m going to be sharing with everyone on here on Fashion Radio ! Certain Style’s and Don’t of Course as well. I also want to thank Alt Rebel for allowing me into their sensational retail shop . Becoming known for Buy , sell and trade. Yeah Alt Rebel is like one the must place to go to in Sin City. While I must say I have yet seen any styling or Fashionable shoots that make me go oh wow !

I decided i would go simple modern and edgy with the two models who I had coming to this shoot. Such as Dezzy , who tats just say ” I Love a Good Adventure ”

So i went with Cute and Edgy with Dezzy wearing all black and leather . I was shocked when I was able to find a Black Leather Vintage Vest that went perfectly with the Black Leather Phants design by Wilson Leather. She has such a great body frame for the Image I got her wearing. So I wanted to take her style to Night Beat of The Streets. Its make sense in so many ways !

Streetwear has been a hot commodity for about 30 years now, and there’s a clear reason as to why that is. The youth these days always want the right kind of fashion, wearing specific brands or types of clothing is a great way to go about expressing yourself. Everybody has something to express, and doing it through the use of clothing has never been easier. Streetwear has pretty much urban roots, and when you realize how far it’s come you’re probably going to be shocked. Everything has to start from the ground up, even something as large as streetwear

Now with walk way Sensation Niya I knew I had to showcase those legs off in such a way , that it would n’t be like too much skin and lack sexy . Too many girls these day’s are just showcasing all the ass lol .Seriously just go on Instagram lol ass everywhere lol ! But that what alot these wanna be models think Modeling is called these days , beside them going on only fans too lol ! Ah Modeling is so much more , but that’s a different story for a different topic !

I needed something to show case the someday walk way Sensation off in Pose to kill ! So as I went onward searching for Niya Style , I figure much to find something that would show a little skin and still keep tasteful. On A Chill day as such as the one we was shooting , I got Niya posing in a Bebe Fur short jacket , a Sleek Silver Vintage Turtle neck , which gave a little skin naval , and skin style jean by 7 mankind !

Alt Rebel

I have admit Alt Rebel had what I wanted to voice out on today’s Fashion Topics. This industry gives everybody a voice, and it gives hope to designers who feel like they’re about to make that big break. It wouldn’t be this way if the past hadn’t paved a way for the present, and that’s exactly what this article is going to talk about. Like what make’s this all exciting for myself is when I decide to take it to another level style with Dezzy , with my next choice , I wanted to go country and edgy , yet keep it on that i got style looked .

Which Dezzy just made the shot well , easy with her grace. I didn’t want her in those typical country colors either , which most are red and white plaid tops and well just plain jeans . It didn’t take long for me to what i wanted for her at Alt Rebel . I found a top plaid purple and white . ( Very Different ) and 7 mankind phants that had this purple tint and painted styled that just took the country and yet stylish look to that she got taste. Did you know about the orgins of street ware . for those who might care for this knowledge.

There isn’t a specific historical event that would mark the making of streetwear. In fact, nobody really knows when it was initially introduced into the world. One thing is for sure though, streetwear is taking the world by storm (and it’s probably going to stay that way for the foreseen future).

About that , with the next look for Niya , I went with that causal sexy look , She got’s legs and she don’t have to show skin to prove it. I found a Beautiful White Top Vintage Blouse and green Phant’s by Zara. Once again the look is simple and yet complex in some ways. Its about how the Woman carry herself while wearing such clothes. Niya Carries it well and with elegance.

I will be doing a few more of these sorts of Stylist Fashion scenes ! Much Love and Respect to Alt Rebel ! Many thanks to the Models , until next Fashion Pose !

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