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Mr. Black Tie’s Book Review: Jesus Is

IMG_20180222_144142At a first glance you might think, “Oh great another book about someone’s life that is better than mine.” lol But until you take a close look inside of the pages of “Jesus Is”. i be gan to understand there was more to it.
I was rather shocked by what I read inside. To me it’s about “The Calling”; You know, when God’s calling you to make a bold move in your faith or do more in the church. Seriously this book is for those who are in need of insight, or having doubts that you may not have a calling. The writers themselves are some of the Mass’s of Las Vegas Chaplains who are in the front lines of spiritual warfare. (If your into that sort of thing.) I Myself have seen what’s out there. I like to believe there is more to all of this. Seriously look at what paths many are taking. It’s pretty scary out there. So in brief I do like the insight from those who went and plunged into the calling of the lord.
What I think it lacks is photos. I’d like to see these men and women in the thick of what was going on in their lives. I’d like to know more about their families and friends and how did their troubles effect those around them. With their stories, personal touches, I think the book should’ve been called something like “The Path We Walk”, or something like that. I believe more readers will be picking this book up.
Funny how people step back and away when they hear the word Jesus. But this is a must get. Grab it for someone who is into the word or someone who is trying to figure what God’s plan is for them. Or simply for someone looking to read a good inspirational book about finding one self among the heavens. This is one of those kind of books.
For me, the book touched me personally. It’s deeper than just a good read. I have been through a lot during these recent years. I Just don’t get why I’m being picked on. Or worst just being stepped over and left out into the world by myself. See More of my work
I’m starting to see some things differently, what’s more important. I’m seeing that I’m not alone. I Don’t feel as an outcast now. I’m not saying this book will make your life better or change your beliefs, but it has me thinking on some sorts differently. I know I’m meant for something greater. Truthfully this book has given me the courage to keep pushing forward. I believe in God, so it’s naturally easy for me to see where these ladies and gents are going with this book. But for those who don’t believe and are seriously looking for guidance or have doubt, check it out. Give it a chance. What can you lose? But I do want to ask you this, what if it does help? What if it does give you insight where you were once blinded by doubt or fear? Just something to think about… Much love and Respect! Order Your Book below

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Written By: Mr. Black Tie