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Mr. Black Tie Brings Coffee Back To Fashion Radio


The Little Steps

“I’ve always been about freedom of expressions. This is the reason why I became a Photo Journalist. The radio talk show is a bonus. No wait, honestly being a Resident DJ at The Art’s Factory was the bonus!”, said Mr. Black Tie happily. His residency at The Arts Factory recently ended. But with a smile, Mr. Black Tie spoke highly of the infamous spot where a majority of artists and poets frequent. “I met so many cool people while I was spinning there”, which is funny for Mr. Black Tie, who has a two and a half hour show called Liquid Rain Drops. His choice of music for his show is Erotic, Wordly and Tribal.

“I’m a very sexual kind of person, so I play that type of music alot on my show. I mean, bloody hell, I do a show about relationships and shit. My Facebook relates to my show! Drama!!!”, yelled Mr. Black Tie. I, myself have listened to Mr. Black Tie’s show, Liquid Rain Drops. It’s crazy high energy and it can be very intense from sexual advice to music. “I’ve only just recently got into the world of DJing! I’m talk radio which means I’m a radio personality. Being a DJ is different! I’m just a year old in my DJing career! My first gig was at Rumors Boutique and Hotel. I was learning how to DJ right on the spot! I was once going by The Fashion Chef (Ugggh!). I was just leaving another station called YBS Radio where I was doing a show called “Fashion in the Kitchen”. Before that I was doing a show called “Coffee Grounds” on KLAV 12:30 am on Saturday mornings. It was good times! YBS Radio… Well, when I was at YBS Radio, it was very stressful at times. Boss yelling and well I was in a bad relationship. I lost my then fiancé (Nicolette Savant) at the time I messed with one of my co-hosts who went by the name Debbie Little on the air.

It was a bloody mess. I never would have imagined all the drama it would cause and it did! Shit happens. Well, after all that mess, I got into the DJing world and I was going by the name Mr. Black Tie. I also brought back up my old morning show, Coffee Grounds which is on Caffeine Radio. But I wanted to do more, so I created Liquid Rain Drops. It’s more personal and sexual. It’s not for everyone unlike Coffee Grounds which is about the arts and family thing. Coffee Grounds is more settled and tame. Liquid Rain Drops is about the wetness as we Brits say! But don’t get me wrong, I love to be settled yet I need balance as well. This is the reason why I prefer to spin Tribal, Erotic and Eclectic styles of music. But when I was a resident DJ at The Arts Factory, I was spinning jazz. That’s what the owner wanted so that’s what he got! As I said, I met some wonderful people throughout my four month residency there. Especially the group called Flameology. 

These Ladies and Gents spin fire as well as dance in harmony to whatever is playing. I my- self got to DJ for them while they performed. Of course I was spinning Tribal and a little Dubstep”. Mr. Black Tie’s voice lowered and calmed down as he finished talking about Flameology. “I’m going to miss them all, not that I’m never going to be back there, but I need money”, laughed Mr. Black Tie, “I gots to get paid to spend money on drinks! But when I figure out my next residency, I will go back to The Arts Factory! I gotta, I love that place! For me it was an honor to have been there that long. And I have to admit, now I listen to Liquid Jazz. So I have a new style of music to spin to. I always thought my residency would have been Hooter’s Hotel for some reason or even at The V Bar. I never imagined DJing at The Arts Factory!”, said Mr. Black Tie getting excited once more. The Arts Factory is really one of my favorite spots to chill out at. But I want bigger venues also; I want The Artisan, Insert Coins, Beauty Bar, Krave, even the Royal Resort but my dream spots are Project at Mandalay Bay and Hard Rock Café! A guilty pleasures spot, Lady Silvia’s, it’s a really cool ass little spot. I really don’t know what’s going to happen right now, except for one thing, I don’t plan on quitting any time soon”. And with that, Mr. Black Tie tipped his cup of coffee towards me with a smile and said, “The adventure continues…”.