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MRKET, August 18th, The Venetian, Las Vegas, Magic!

MRKET, August 18th, The Venetian, Las Vegas, Magic!

While at MRKET with the Black Lens and Caffeine crew, I had the great fortune of meeting the designer of Inghirami from Italy. Working for BL/C and being a part of the Las Vegas beauty and fashion industry, I wanted to do a feature on mens’ clothing. After all, I have always had a passion for styling men ;), a woman’s touch will never be anything less than sexy.OnThePage15

I was incredibly intrigued with the various styles of men’s lines that they carried and I knew picking the outfits for my models was going to be exciting! The have 3 Mens lines: the Reporter, Ingram (high end), and FS (sports wear), but the designer’s main focus was the Reporter line. How perfect to start off the photo shoot with Inghirami’s hottest introduction to the American Market, the Reporter jacket… straight out of Italy.

The Reporter jacket comes in four colors: a perfect mid-grey (that would look great in any setting), charcoal, navy blue, and black. They use a top stitching (name of stitch) which keeps the suit looking fresh and modern and is made for ease of wear and comfort when traveling. Perfect for anyone on the go or just to add a bit of class and comort to your daily routines. So I grabbed our model Chace Curtis and styled him up in the black Reporter jacket with a medium blue reporter shirt, and a striped tie from the same line.

We kept him in his own slim fit jeans to keep the look young and fresh, which also shows the versatality of the jacket. Although the suit is made out of 100% natural fibers, it is treated in such a way that this fabulous looking suit is machine washable. It also comes with a special bag for packing the suit in and they even go so far as to show you how to fold your pants and jacket to prevent wrinkling. It really is a great looking suit to boot. The slim small peak label is reminiscent of the suits in the 60′s, which is huge right now, and one of my favorite eras for style!OnThePage13
To add spice and edge to our shoot, we did a GQ move and dressed up our publisher Nicolette Savant in a white shirt and a royal blue tie from the Ingram line and our Fashion Editor Amy Gajda in one the Reporter shirts. We kept the girls’ shirts slightly unbuttoned and the ties loose for that flirty, sexy “My lady looks hot in my clothes” look.
For the second part of the shoot we put Chace in a rockin’ blue paisley shirt from the FS line (sportswear), paired with one of the fall jackets in a light blue. This look screamed VEGAS BABY! Chace nailed the shoot!
*We did notice a slight generation gap during the shoot, when our young model didn’t get references such as “James Dean” or “Bond”. But he managed to pull it off while making the photographer Jack Frost and myself feel ancient!
It was a great pleasure to work with the guys from Inghirami, and can’t wait to work with them again in the future. The shoot went great, but we had many more appointments to get to as Magic was coming to an end.OnThePage11

Margaret Moon