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My Lips Sealed: Let’s Talk Make Up (Bare Minerals in Fashion Show Mall)

I remember growing up I used to watch my cousin in the bathroom as she put on her make up.received_2070916349588825 She would take sooo long, and always be late. But, I must admit she always looks great. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of makeup. Mainly for 2 reasons, 1. I don’t know how to apply it lol. And 2. I love mine and others natural look. I knew a lot of girls that depended on makeup and without it they didn’t feel as pretty. And from that, I developed a thought that, if I wear makeup, I want it to be noticed. So I usually will get a little done, for special events. I love the feeling that when I put that extra effort in it is notice.
But I am a huge fan of makeup artists and their work. I love to see their creativity and with makeup it comes to life. I completely respect the art of cosmetology itself, and to those girls who have perfected the Smokey eyes, and the cat eyes etc., I seriously applaud you all. I remember one day I tried to apply the eye liner myself and poked my eye. Lol. Never trreceived_2070916176255509ied that again. But that’s why I wanted to DJ for a company that deals in makeup. I wanted to learn about makeup from the professionals themselves. DJing at Bare Minereceived_2070916072922186rals in the Fashion Show Mall was a cool experience. In just a few short weeks, I learned that I’m a natural toned, and pinks look good on me. Thanks for that tip Johnathan.
I love that some girls get a great self-feeling from makeup. I know most people think girls wear makeup to impress the male. But, majority of the time, I’m sure it’s for them. I’ve talked to some girls, and from the makeup they feel empowered. They feel creative, it allows them to express how they feel. In just a few short moments, a girl can go from being beautiful, to edgy. I think the most interesting thing to me is how each country has a style that they do their makeup with. American girls like the natural sexy look, Chinese like the anime cartoon look. It’s crazy how they can transform themselves with these tools. Or even the movie make up artists. Their jobs are awesome!
But I do want to note that all women are beautiful. Do not let anyone tell you that you’re not. Seriously, who are they to judge your appearance. To my women and young women out there with skin problems, or any physical problem that causes you to feel insecure even the slightest amount, if you don’t remember anything I say, please remember this, you are BEAUTIFUL, you are SEXY, you are EVERYTHING for someone, but you must be EVERYTHING to yourself. Believe in yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you different. If no one has told you today, I will, YOU ARE AMAZING! If you want to wear makeup wear make up girl, if you want to go natural smile bright and hold your head high. Makeup is an amazing accessory, but it’s just that. It’s an accessory to all of your awesomeness!

Written By: The Socialite DJ