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‘Social Status’ The Socialite DJ Socializes at Blue Martini (Town Square, Las Vegas)


What can you say about a place that you’ve heard about before you were able to even attend the venue? Well, you go check it out in style of course. I walked in and introduced myself letting them all know that I would love to cover their establishment for my radio show ‘Social Status’ , and luckily they agreed.imag2215
After being there for a few hours, I can definitely say that Blue Martini did not disappoint.
For those who may live under a rock and have not heard of Blue Martini; Blue Martini combines a restaurant, a bar and a nightclub to form a popular spot inside of Town Square. Going there, I didn’t know what to really expect. I have heard a lot about their night life, but we were going during the happy hour times, which is 4pm – 8pm every day of the week. And the experience was great! To start us off we had a few appetizers, before the show. We started off with the Fruit and Cheese Plate. This was a great appetizer, as fruit, cheese, and crackers are a common appetizer found among cool and chill places such as.
blue-martini-drinkThe plate had fresh seasonal fruit partnered with a delightful selection of mouthwatering cheeses and tasty flat bread crackers. To kick things up during the show we shared the Shrimp and Crab Dip. This was exceptionally good. Especially since at the time I was craving seafood, and we all know how hard it is to find good, affordable seafood in Las Vegas. The dip had gulf shrimp and blue crab in a creamy cheese sauce served hot accompanied by seasoned toast points.
This is definitely a place where I would go to have a good time on a nice afternoon. Next time, I hope to check out their night life. Thank you to Blue Martini for allowing me to come and host a show at your venue. Much love to Leah, the beautiful lady who gave me the opportunity. Thank you readers and listeners for keeping up with, Social Status. Much love to you all. Originally Posted on

Written By: The Socialite DJ

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