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Social Status: The Socialite DJ Update What else does it take to get Zappos?!…

I usually try to hold my rants to a sigh accompanied with a harder drive and hustle. But lately I’ve been feeling like enough is enough. I’ve been lied to for free DJing, trashed, hacked, followed, and that stuff just put a harder drive on the brain, but I can’t hold my tongue anymore. If I do, I’ll be biting a hole through it. LOL

Lately I’ve just been running into nothing but brick walls. If you’ve been to my website or seen my social media you seen that I have DJ’d for Zappos. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself. If you look at this site, you will see that I met a very special person to Zappos when I first began DJing; Paco. And he has been so sweet and nice to me since. Mr. Black Tie had him on his show, and had me sit in on the interview as well. PIC_0250This is when I was going by Lips Sealed. After a few meetings with him, and more gigs under my belt (DJing at SEMA, Magic, The Life Cube Project, First Friday and more)CAM00358 I wanted wscotta chance to perhaps DJ at Zappos. Now I know I had to pay my dues so that’s what I did. I kindly just tried to put myself in the running for DJing at Zappos. We did the walk through and everything! And even got another interview with Paco in the process. After a while, it just seemed like we kept running into him. So one day I had him on my show, and I was so excited. And Paco, mentioned that he’s been working on an event to get me to DJ at. Finally after about a year, Paco came through! Mr. Black Tie and I were DJing at the Z-Boutique in Zappos Head Quarters for Juan Muniz and his character Felipe new line design for Zappos. That was a very exciting day, and I was humbled that Paco remembered my pose almost 2 years later. If you’ve been around since then you know that I had a signature pose that I wanted all of my supporters to do with me.


Then after this even going so well, we must of bugged him every time we heard Zappos was doing something about DJing for the event. Lol, But he actually helped me to get into Zappos 2 more times after Juan Muniz. We did a meet and greet thing that they were doing for a new project, and one that I had a great time at was for their Black History Month event.


But unfortunately, Paco has left Zappos, and we have been trying everything to get back into what seems to be this elite-ness of downtown and Zappos. I kinda feel like Brainy just popping up wherever Helga is somehow just in the background. Lol. We’re even DJing at The Bronze Cafe trying to get their attention. Lol. I really don’t know what else to do besides finding someone new to bug, Lol.

22450574_2033914873288973_2128240962_oAs some of you may know I started my show Traveling Kicks. And I think it can be very beneficial, not just to sneakerheads (sneaker fanatics), but women and young girls, kids, teens, and people in general. That is the idea behind Traveling Kicks. Not only to give clean sneakers to teens who can’t afford it, or may be in bad situations, but also inform those 20171209_094933smlwho do not know how to properly care for sneakers, and to create a safe place where people can ask questions, get answers and grow their sneaker collections and ideas. We have recently partnered up with NPHY and we donate our restored sneakers to the teens who come to them for help and support. This has been a great experience for myself. Getting to do these kinds of projects is very eye opening. It’s amazing how something so small makes such a huge difference in someone’s life. And it has been wonderful DJing for them. I have lately been on the look out for a studio to place Traveling Kicks. We need a home not only to continue doing shows, but also, I have been getting donations. I can’t keep meeting up with donors, in random places, it’s a little unsafe. So, I have been looking for a home.

I feel the perfect home is somewhere in the Downtown area. Where? I’m not particularly sure yet. I was hoping it would’ve been the Oasis at Gold Spike. That is the hotel right on the side of Gold Spike. I thought this would be perfect. Not only is the area safe for me, but every artist comes in this area, and I feel this could be perfect examples of what I want to show kids and adults through Traveling Kicks. So, I approached the Oasis at Gold Spike and as usual I got a small run around. Got to find the manager. No problem, I have no problem rolling up my sleeves and hitting the pavements.20180106_134653 So that’s what I did. I hit the pavements to find the manager. After looking and looking for weeks, I finally cam across him at Gold Spike. (Go figure lol) He said, he liked the idea and thought it was dope. So, I thought that this was the step in the right direction. So, I was a little excited. We set up a meeting and the meeting was confirmed. I made sure to stop by after  DJing at The Bronze Café, to make sure our meeting for that week was set to go.  He confirmed, and we shook hands and I went about my day as did he. The day comes for the meeting, I showed up early, ready to talk and hopefully get answers and some insight as to what I needed to do to get working with them. And… NOTHING! Terran didn’t show. Instead we talked to Gerardo the Oasis at Gold Spike manager. I really want to thank him for what he’s done, we greatly  appreciate your hospitality, and the grilled cheeses were amazing! you’re awesome for that; and now I’m hoping that is what will get things going into the right direction. I really hope that Mr. Kennedy likes the idea and would like to work with me, because after 3 months of just trying to talk to someone, I am hoping to at least have a proper sit down and get to discuss Traveling Kicks.

IMG_7173Now, I have been trying to cash a check. Back in June, I went and got a DBA. As I was told this is what is needed to get the business going in the legal direction. So, I went down to the offices, and I got a DBA. I remember this day so perfectly because this is the day Mr. Black Tie took the shot of me that I now use for Traveling Kicks. I remember walking in getting the DBA, but before we left, I asked the clerk if this was all that was needed to cash checks and get the business going. She told me yes, signed the papers, gave me my copy and I went on my way to get work done. But as of recent that has not been the case (according to the banker at Wells Fargo). She tells me that, I was given the copy and not the original, so we have not been able to proceed with setting up the accounts, etc. But after going to the Clark County offices, comes to find out it was exactly what I needed. It’s very frustrating that the reason I nor Mr. Black Tie have been able to eat is because of the unprofessionalism that was given to us. Seriously frustrating. And I know, every artist out there has had either a similar situation, or possibly worst. But damn, when can we get a break. All we’re trying to do is make a living out of what we love!

Written By: The Socialite DJ