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Social Status with The Socialite DJ Interviews Joey & Sausage of Ink Masters

ink2There’s always those people you see on TV that you’re like wow, they’re really talented. Then there are those talented people on TV that you get the opportunity to meet in reality. Walter aka “Sausage” and Joey are both contenders of Ink Master. Sausage was the finalist for season 4 and Joey was the winner of Season 3. For those who do not know Ink Master is a Competition Reality Show for tattoo artists. Some of the best from all over come on this show to prove themselves as Ink Master. They go through a series of challenges, and are displaying their talent and skills.
It was such a pleasure to not only meet but getting to interview both of these gentlemen. They were so nice and humble about themselves. It was really cool getting to talk to the men behind the needles. Talking to them about some struggles of everyday life, and learning their secrets of the ink!ink1
As a parent of 3 boys Sausage, is very on his game. On business, school, as well as the comics. Lol. He and the HappyHourDJ had a whole conversation during the interview just talking about DC Comics, as Joey and myself were just looking at each other. Lol But the best part of the interview was to see how Joey and Sausage treated each other. They weren’t in competition at all. In fact quiet opposite. Each gentlemen complimented the other. You can see that they’re more like family. That was really cool to see, because I’m big on family, and extended family. They talked about each others strong points, as well as character.
The knowledge that these guys have, explains why there able to last as long as they did in these competitions. If you want to see these gentlemen you can check them out at their shop Revolt Tattoos located 4480 Paradise Rd, unit #700 here in Las Vegas, NV. Call them schedule an appointment, their skills have no limit, their style is fantastic, and you’ll be more than happy to be tattooed by either one of them! Originally posted on

Written By: The Socialite DJ