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Social Status with The Socialite DJ Socializes at The Phoenix

Yum, and yummie, is all that comes to my mind when thinking about the blessings of tasting at The Phoenix. Seriously ladies and gents. I might have to say this might be one of the very best spots for getting your grub on before you get your night of adventures started. The “Taconaut” crispy wonton skins with sushi rice and grilled miso salmon and smothered with spicy mayo and unagi. It was like having a food orgasm. Yes I said it, unless you have experienced don’t mock me. Lol. Besides the Taconaut which has become one of my favorite styles of nom noms to eat. Now the Philly Cheese Steak wasn’t at all that bad. It’s actually better than one’s I’ve tasted at Pops! A place known for it’s Philly style steaks here in Sin City. The Phoenix got them beat in rich flavor of Philly style. No doubt that many are coming to the Phoenix. It’s like an upscale Dive Bar; If those style of bars doesn’t exist, one does now. If you get a chance to go The Happy Hour DJ. Net check out our radio interview with one of The Phoenix owners exclusively on The Socialite DJ’s show Social Media.

Written By: Mr. Black Tie

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Originally posted on The Caffeine Radio