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Meet Stylist’s Peyton Leigh..

I had no Idea this Vibrant Stylist’ was sooo Damn Photogenic.Seriously this in Your of Coolness and Calms.Was just ready to just wear everything in Bowties Bridal that she thought was cute! But is was the way she did that caught my eye.She wasn’t just grabbing this or that or maybe this will look. Her eyes was what she knew would make her self look good as anyone who might try it on.But that’s beyond the point of what I had assume when i saw her. She already had a Fashion Sense of Style, Seriously I thought before I found out she was a stylist’s! She just knows who to keep her Stylish Essence Bright and Shiny. Something that isn’t easy to by lol. It comes from within ,trust me I know,not everyone has that , some must practice .Or has someone else to to teach them. Or do the Styling for them, which is why you would hire someone like Peyton Leigh. I was shocked when we had a good conversation at Bowties Bridal. And found out she was a stylist and was’nt just some model trying to get some photo’s done.

Peyton at BowtiesBridal fitting’s

Nope she is getting her ground in with doing what she loves to do.Which is being a Professional Stylists.

I believe she is going to do well from what I have learn from speaking with her in conversation. As well to seeing how she handles herself at fitting’s and Photo shoots!She is a Professional.

Now I was shocked while in conversation that she didn’t have a website lol. I was so so stressing to her that she needed to get one. Man I couldn’t keep my mouth shut ..;( Acutally hounded her for a week or two to get one lol ). Well I’m excited to say she finally got one lol . A Stylists of her caliber should have one.

I will have to Say I’m glad Peyton got on to getting a website. ( Sorry for bothering sooo much about that lol ). But in due time she will see that it will come handy for the business she is in. Now before all you Ladies and Gents go to her Site.As she told me it’s a work in progress , but it’s a starting point! Now I have to say watching Peyton get fitted by The Social Junkie and

The Assistant GM of Bowties Bridal was pretty cool. She handle the fitting with ease, yet I did say that earlier.I also do hope that Peyton Leigh consider getting The Photo Fashion Editorial gigs.She looks good with A Camera. A’lot Photographer’s might go out of Business lol. Well No Matter what Happen next For Stylist’s Peyton Leigh , I’m sure her Fashion Adventure’s just Began! Much Love and Respect Ladies and Gents!

Until Next Blog.. TheBlogger