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The Emily Morgan Hotel and A’gaci Fashion San Antonio

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I had the pleasure to not just stay at the Emily Morgan hotel , but shoot through an atmosphere of history, sophistication, and style when you have the opportunity to step foot in the Emily Morgan Hotel you’ll understand what I mean . Since its construction 1924, the building that now houses the Emily Morgan hotel has been an iconic Texas landmark, hovering majestically over the world-famous Alamo. During your stay at the Emily Morgan hotel, you’ll experience the very best in hospitality. With 177 warm, elegant guest rooms, on-site dining at the award-winning Oro Restaurant and Bar, carefully curated amenities, and easy access to the Alamo and San Antonio River walk, The Emily Morgan has earned the reputation as the quintessential San Antonio hotel.

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Take a look at our on-site amenities and upscale, boutique guest rooms to see why the Emily Morgan is San Antonio’s true destination hotel.

Experience historic 1920s architechure with modern features such as digial key access, and Kipsu, there online concierge serivce with you stay at the Emily Morgan. From the window of your luxurious room take in all the iconic sites of beautiful San Antonio. Whether it’s business or pleasure that brings you to San Antonio let Emily Morgan take care of you. To much as my surprise shooting this photo shoot ! Having the fashion urban sensations of Agaci part of the shoot was perfect !

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A’GACI is a lifestyle brand created for young fashion lovers who rock it well and march to their own beat. Simply put, they are a brand that reflects who you are. The goal at A’GACI is to make you feel sexy, feminine and confident.

A’GACI is now one of fashion’s fastest growing brands. They feature a fashion haven online and high energy stores nationwide with new locations opening every year.

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Each of their pieces has been carefully selected by their team of crazy talented, fashion-devoted buyers who are experts on all things now. So when I was given this opportunity to shoot this , I went all over San Antonio starting with the The Emily Morgan Hotel which was used as a Medical Arts Building. The building housed doctors’ offices and a hospital for patients. In 1976 the building was converted into modern office space, but was transformed into a hotel less than 10 years later !

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I love the grace of the place as well as the fashion it all just made perfection sense to me ! I love doing editorials that can just blend together in some creative way ! Not photo shoot has be crazy colors and over the top fashion lol. What I liked About A’gaci is that they let me cut lose , and go cooly with the shoot. I have no bloody idea even if cooly is word lol. What I mean is that i went with the flow of things. My surroundings was the energy that gave me they style of the shoot.

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I didn’t have to push to extremes of edge cutting photo shoots or even high profile glamorous shots. I just with natural shoots that I hope to catch what a natural Beautiful young women would look wearing A’gaci! I have to admit though through out the shoot which was a long one. I let the make up artists cut lose just a little lol. I hope I hope I caught the essence of sexy cool perhaps? Either way I did have a blast shooting A’gaci and i believe the models enjoyed the shoot to. Much love and Respect to the very cool people of San Antonio ! I do hope to go back and shoot and perhaps go deeper in shooting The Emily Morgan Hotel !

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