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The Fashion Radio is making bolder moves every day since the Co vid virus shut down as well with all the protesting events. We decided to not to be shut down , nor be held back by lack of positive vibes. With New Fashion Sense and Editor Miss Styles rocking the Fashion Industry with to know the knows of in and outs of whats to come in the Fashion World. She is already on the know that Fashion Anything, apparently, is better than what we have now.

From questions over modern slavery to the planet-levelling effects of over-consumption, fashion is under fire – and brands are having to adapt. According to a recent report shared at the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana’s third international roundtable on sustainability in Milan, buyers at stores like Barneys and Saks in the US and Printemps in France expect to nearly double their total spending on sustainable products in the next five years, from 23% to 40%. But of course she would know this by being behind the scenes of Fashion for over 20 years! Writing Features of counltess of Fashion Magazines.

Now I have to admit The Fashion Radio would not be able to be going Daily without the Brilliant Women and Men of wwdmagic . Fashion Radio has been able to cover so many different styles of fashion from , children , women , teen , preteen , to men.

There are so much more to do at wwd magic , from interviews to just photo shoots! Of course this change due to the co vid virus! But due to so much of what is fashion and style , there is much to write and shoot! Being able to be part of wwd magic isn’t just a blessing but a privilege! We at The Fashion Radio Live Fashion , why else we do this right ? The Social Junkie can tell that herself , from here first photo shoot to her going to magic herself !

The Social Junkie being a Up Coming Designer herself ( who went to school for it as well ) . Her first time going to wwdmagic was a little overwhelming! We are going places where many models , photographers and other’s wish could go and see !

wwd magic opened up a world of taking chances with styling, without leaving a negative footprint on the world and now For the virtual generation, the digital collection is just a logical step forward. Fervent players of games like Fortnite, Netflex , and Instagram to other online communites that already spend billions on things that aren’t actually there – including clothes. “Increasingly, we will see digital collections and garments free from physical and creative restrictions become part of the fashion landscape,” it’s happening all over the globe. Here at The Fashion Radio,we are trying infuse our Creativity and Talents with wwd magic knowledge of Fashion and share what we know across the Globe.

There is much to know about the Fashion Industry and The Fashion World. The Industry is behind the scene’s and such, The Fashion World is about the Styles and Models as such. Which truly we can go deeper into all the aspects of it all. The Fashion World before the Co vid virus was growing in popularity for so many people of all ethnic back grounds.Yet the coronavirus crisis has hit fashion demand hard, with several retailers announcing large-scale job losses or going out of businesses altogether. Researchers at Oxford Economics have forecast that as many as 350,000 positions could be affected industry-wide. Which in many way’s it did for bar’s and restaurants as well. So with that said lol , we of Fashion Radio is going all in , with flown blown articles , interviews , show casing event’s , from Bar’s , restaurants too , crazy part we going to be doing it daily !!