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The Fit at Pierre Phillip in The Boulevard Mall

3680 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89169
(702) 202-6400

The Fit is my own show that I do about, fashion, sports, food, my life, everything! And it was so cool getting to do it from my then residency spot Pierre Phillip. Pierre Phillip is one of the newer stores that they have added to the Boulevard Mall since making its changes. I for one am glad with these changes. With this store they brought a different flavor to the mall that they just weren’t used to. I appreciate the conservative, but sexy urban look that the store had to it. They displayed different types of clothing for all types of events, all in styles of clothes that are sexy but not slutty.

I DJ’d there 2 times a week, and had a great time. I would spin a little of everything there, you know mixing it up for theIMG_20150426_123312 show as well sticking with the image of Pierre Phillip as well. The best thing about being at Pierre Phillip I got to learn about some of the newest fashions for both men and women. My then image consultant would tell me about the different styles of clothes. And when I did my first show there, I got to be styled in a crazy beautiful and stylish dress.

CAM00841A green and white tight fit dress. With a cool cut in the front and one shoulder strap it brought the sexy but the length of the dress was conservative enough. But do note, when I say tight fitting I mean tight fitting. Lol And to top it off, she worked with my sneaker obsession! So to match the dress she had me wear my green and black Jordan 1’s.


We were going for the Japanese style with the dress and sneakers. I think I pulled it off pretty well. Lol. I received a lot of compliments from Japanese folks themselves which made me feel that the look was accomplished. And the make up was also a very nice touch that brought it all together. I must be getting pretty good with wearing make up or they were very good and careful with my make up because I only teared up twice while in the process of doing my make up. Lol

I had great time doing the show. Being able to have a place where I can come back to often and spin, as well talk about topics was great. They’re store and clothes are both enough to keep you staying around, and their style you will definitely love.


If you’re ever in Vegas you should check out their store. For those who do not know Pierre Phillip is inside of the Boulevard Mall located on Maryland Pkwy in Las Vegas, NV. This is definitely a place where I would shop if I was going out for a night in the town, an important meeting, or just to have something cute in your closet for a spontaneous night!

Written By: The Socialite DJ/ Lipsealed