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The Honey Pot of Las Vegas Sending Pure Energy , and with High Urban Fashion , Crystals and Bamboo !!!!

Rock and mineral photography can be complicated, and how you decide to approach it depends on the purpose of the photograph. I’m learning how complicating is can be while I was shooting at TheHoneypot . I also have learn. For the purpose of illustrating research or other texts, it is important to select the specimens which best highlight important mineralogical features, and do your best to represent those through your images – however, when attempting represent an individual specimen for sale, catalog, or digital display, the focus of your images will be to show that specimen as accurately and realistically as possible.

what I have learn so far is Many factors affect photo quality, and accuracy of representation. Resolution, orientation, focus, lighting, and magnification can all drastically affect the resulting aesthetics. Ultimately, your goal will define the means – but here are some things I learn so while doing so myself . ( I have lot’s to learn still lol ) .

In rock and mineral photography, features such as clarity, intense color, form, crystallization, and previous damage can be difficult to capture – but these aesthetic features are what truly define a specimen. Representing them accurately is both a matter of skill and time, and requires the ability to take oneself outside of the process, and objectively compare the resulting image with reality.

In some cases, it will be impossible to accurately represent particular features through rock and mineral photography. When this occurs, simply do your best to highlight relevant points, and then provide a detailed explanation in your caption or description.

Before snapping shots, you’ll want to decide your specimen’s orientation. Place it on the surface you intend to use as backdrop, and turn it 360 degrees – paying attention to its relative orientation, play of shadows, and the placement of features.

When deciding which face or magnification will offer the most attractive images, simply place yourself at the angle and distance from which you would prefer to view your specimen, and close one eye – this will help you envision the resulting two-dimensional image, and adjust your approach, if necessary.

That’s Just what I have learn so far while talking to The Owner of The Honey Pot! Now about The Honey Pot of Las Vegas. The Honey Pot is a place of positive energy! Not to mention the brilliant Fashion they are showcasing. Let’s get into that. Why don’t we ?

The Honey Spot Fashion is oozing with High Fashion that combines not just culture and art but with real crystals and bamboo ! Yes Ladies and Gents you heard me right ! Let me explain what I mean about crystals and Bamboo.

First Certain Dresses  at The Honey Pot are infused with Crystals , talking about taking positive energy to the level of flow right ? 

Yes and I was even told some of the shirts as well !


The Honey Pot of Las Vegas is doing a’lot more than most of Crystals and Minerals retail’s. Unlike those on the Las Vegas Strips with outrageous price’s!

The Honey Pot is about the community , Seriously people from all ethnics and culture backgrounds are seeking The Honey Pot. I have been witness to see people coming from New Orleans to Cali and farther to just check out The Honey Pot!

If your into Good Vibes and Styling up scale urban fashion must check out The Honey Pot Unique Fashion and Art as well !


There are Hoodies as well leather wallets and purse’s. But I also mention about bamboo right ? Well have you ever heard of a hat with real bamboo ? Well if you haven’t like myself.


Is there such a hat like so. Actually there is a whole line of them ! Crazy right ? I couldn’t believe it as i searched through The Honey Pot onslaught of Crazy ass Creative Bamboo Hats !

Created by Moon Men Creations ! I have never seen any kind of kind of hats like them ! I’m a hatter myself so I was highly Impressed with these bad boys of high fashion trend setter’s of the hat industry ! As I said before here is the a little something of the history of hats.

One of the ways that man tried to adapt to nature is by using hats as a mean of protection. After that he started using hats and headgear for other purposes as well.

First hat in human history was probably a big leaf or a piece of leather. But one of the first images of a person with a hat is a painting in Thebes tomb. There is painted a man with a simple conical straw hat.

At the same time appeared “pileus” which is a simple skull cap, “petasos” – first hat with a brim known to men and a Phrygian cap, Conical cap with folded top that was given to slaves when they were given freedom. Because of that, it was called “Liberty hat” during French Revolution. First big step in history of hats was discovery of felt. There are different stories about how and who discovered it but it was discovered in the different parts of the world and in different time. Some of the most famous hats are StetsonSombreroBowlerFedora and Hard Hat.

History of Hats

Hat started as just one more protection from elements. It stayed that way but at the same time it developed into something more. As if it almost gained a character. There is not one person on this planet can say Moon Men Creations hat don’t have character lol . These hats are of the chain ! Crazy part I never heard of them until I walked into The Honey Pot ! There is more to The Honey Pot. So much more that I have to do a few more Fashion Editorials Blogs on The Honey Pot ! Like the Owner has such a Beautiful Story ! That Simply there isn’t enough of room for just one Blog on her. So til next blog check out The Honey Pot ! located right in the heart of the art district on main street ! Much love and Repect !