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The Leather’s Touch

The new park that has just opened up for artists in the downtown are Containers Park has a lot more to offer than you all think. We got to talk to the lovely Jessica Galindo who has some awesome hand made, hand painted, luxury leather couture accessories. Her line consist of scarfs, earrings, handbags, bow ties, cuffs and necklaces, which all come from different leathers from across the hide.

Getting to know Ms. Galindo we found out she’s an artist as well as a designer. She draws her inspiration from all aspects of life and likes abstract art shapes. jess 104She has mural projects that you can find at Juhl in Downtown Las Vegas and fine art work that has been bought by real estate offices, coffee houses, spas and restaurants. She also gives her art to charities like March of Dimes, Habitat for Humanity and The Boys and Girls Club just to name a few. To see pictures of her work check out her website at

My partner Double Play got to model some of her accessories like the Blue Snakeskin Print Scarf and Cuff, the Black Glitter Chandelier earrings and her Classic Organic Rings. jess 103All of her pieces were so unique and shows a variety of how you can style them to work well with different looks. Jessica also is working on ponchos and belts which I can’t wait to see. Her jewelry is currently sold at Stitched and Monogram at The Cosmopolitan, Annie Cream Cheese at The Palazzo and Artifact in Town Square. You’ll love what you see.

The best thing that I loved was that she told me, she wanted to have her pieces fit the artist. Because I’m not your typical “girly girl” it was a little different styling me. I was styled with a red/orange neck scarf, and her leather spiked bracelets. When she said that it really touched. I can not tell you how many designers have tried to change me. Don’t get me wrong, I can be a great Barbie doll, lol. But it felt good to hear that she wanted to make me stand out with the pieces.jess 106

Thank you Ms. Galindo for taking the time and talking with my partner and teaching me a little more about fashion. It was truly a great experience.

Written By: The Socialite DJ