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The Social Junkie Takes Lead Of Model Personalities For The Fashion Radio.

She Started just a few months ago as just as a up coming client who needed some photos down. I was not even in thought’s of trying to have anyone being part of The Fashion Radio. Or Be apart of any kind Photo Editorials Project’s.But when Talking to Tamika at Her Photo Shoot.

I began to get to know Tamika.Her sense of style and why she wanted to get some photos done. She felt she needed to get doing something new in her life. So that was the reason why having a photo shoot. Well after Our Photo shoot, which went very well. We began to become more friends, which I really began to see Tamika knew a’lot about Social Life Styles. ( Who would of thought that was thang?).

The Social Junkie was created when the moment I knew Tamika could handle Blogging.She was already in The Social Media Life Style.Her knowledge and insight on who’s,who’s and what’s what! She is in a league of her own!

Her Smile is one of her signature features of her personalities.

We connected as friends and begun to work together by our second Photo Shoot together. She became my Assistant and I taught her about Marketing , Blogging and Branding.

The Social Junkie is Good at what she does for what she has done so far.She basically new to the blogging world and Social Media Industry. The Social Junkie is making so pretty Impressive move’s. She is pushing forward into trend setting and Photo Editorials write ups as well. She help run the Photo Shoot Editorials and Fittings at Bowties Bridal

Outlet. This was our First official Photo Shoot Editorial together, I was simply impressed with her. She didn’t Panic in crazy situations.

Which did happen,( It happens in this Industry) what matters is how the crew handles the Issue.She was a pro at every moment that went wrong or could of. She was there trying to figure it all out with me.

The Social Junkie has handle getting that up coming Photo Shoots Editorials with Bowties Bridal Outlet. We had over at least 20 up coming models that went to get fitted. That was a task in on its own lol.

That’s a’lot of female’s to work with and try to get everything done.

Besides just meeting them for the first time.That’s a’lot of different attitude’s and styles. A’lot Of Beautiful and Talented Model’s with Different Personalities. With Different Goals and Ambition’s and Paths.

The Social Junkie Handle smoothing the Photo Shoot and Fitting with the Guidance and Knowledge of General Manger BowTies BridalOutlet .

The Social Junkie kept the focus on getting the Models fitted and moving along. Some things went off slight of course lol. But It was done finally in a few days lol.

It didn’t go the way I had hope for though. Still The Social Junkie kept everything moving along. Which I was please with as things could go even more wrong didn’t!

Which Is why I am very excited at with the out come of BowTies Bridal Outlet fitting. The Social Junkie did a Great Job. Besides that I look Forward to seeing what she does with Her Show!

You can more of Models getting fitted well Up Coming Model and Stylists Interview Peyton Leigh

Who many will be hearing or seeing about soon I’m sure of in due time!

Well Until Next Blog!