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The Socialite DJ DJ’s and eats at Bronze Café on Fremont

Unlike Benedict Arnold, the infamous General who traded on the Americans during the Revolutionary War, this Benedict Arnold at The Bronze Café is on your side. For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Bronze Café it is located inside of The Market. The Market is the first market to open up in the downtown Las Vegas area, and in there is The Bronze Café!659f8f_8781c218d8b5435db4154fe1dce45f84~mv2_d_4160_3120_s_4_2
If you’re looking to get into the vegan or just a healthier way of eating The Bronze Café is definitely a great place to start.

Their Brunch menu is filled with Vegan items that are all delicious. I myself have had a few dishes from this menu. It has been great food to indulge while DJing. If I must say the Benedict Arnold so far has been my favorite. And no, I’m not talking about your regular 659f8f_aa0b9a24a3684be58118d8f30f91bb36~mv2Benedict Eggs; The Bronze Café took this to a new level. With the eggs cooked over easy, covered in sweet potatoes, corn, roasted mushrooms, and smothered in sweet corn sauce, and topped with a little pico de gallo, (gives it the extra kick) and toasted pepitas. If you’re not sure on what to get which I can understand because it all sounds good, I recommend the Benedict Arnold.
If you’re looking for good healthy food along the lines of a familiar taste their pancakes aren’t too shabby either. These vegan flax flap jacks can be topped with bananas foster, strawberry bananas, or pumpkin spice, and you can side it with vegan bacon. You can never go wrong with pancakes no matter where you go.
Make sure you stop by The Bronze Café, and if you’re looking for live entertainment while you eat The Socialite DJ (me lol) and Mr. Black Tie will be out there for brunch 11am – 2pm bringing you tunes from smooth to funky.

Written By: The Socialite DJ