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The Socialite DJ recaps DJing at Victoria’s Secret at Fashion Show Mall

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So if you’ve been following, and I hope that you have, you remember me talking about DJing for Victoria’s Secret in the Venetian Palazzo. Not going to lie, that was a great time. But as I mentioned, “Anything worth having, is worth the effort” so after DJing for Victoria’s Secret in the Venetian Palazzo, I went back on the hunt. I want to DJ for all of the Victoria’s Secrets! So I went back and hit the concrete. As I made my rounds, I hesitantly walked into the Victoria Secret in the Fashion Show Mall.
Now, I’m going to tell ya’ll… I must’ve talked to 4 different managers at least for this one location. Lol. It was crazy, because for so long I was getting the same answer; “It’s up to corporate” or “We’ll keep you on file for our next event” and I just kept going back. But luckily that one day I walked in and I talked to Gabe. He was with it, he was excited about me wanting to DJ and was helpful and very hands on. That’s when I realized, none of the other managers were really serious about me. And that’s all you need, is that one person to give you a chance, and you make sure that they do not regret it!
IMG_20170311_151435So when Gabe gave me the opportunity to DJ for them at this location, I wanted to make sure I killed it. I made sure to play a complete different set while at this location. I didn’t want anyone to say I was a one trick pup, if you know what I mean. Going more pop in this set, and mixed in some K-pop and J-pop. I mean, I was at the Fashion Show Mall for goodness sake. Lol
I’m going to keep pushing, and trying to do all of the  Victoria’s Secrets. I mean, who wouldn’t want a company as established as them under their belt. (Get it yet? lol)


Written By: The Socialite DJIMG_20170311_170302