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The Socialite DJ Socializes at Amorino in The Linq

Labor Day weekend is a very active weekend here in Las Vegas, and this weekend was nothing different. But this year we were DJing during the weekend, on the Las Vegas Strip at The Linq for Amorino! I have to admit this was definitely a fun experience.
The crowd, the individuals, the vibes, and not to mention the gelato!


I had the pleasures of not only DJing for them, but also getting a 7 flavor gelato cone that was 7 flavors of delicious, To top it off they finished it with their signature flower shape stamp. The place is very convenient and a good way to wine down after a long Vegas vacation. We want to say thank you to those at Amorino, you all have been great!

Amorino is definitely the place to go to chill on a Vegas hot summer day or night. Go down and grab a decorative waffle and a gelato! Right in the middle of the strip at the Linq!

Written By: The Socialite DJ

Originally posted on The Caffeine Radio