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The Socialite DJ Socializes at Eureka! Downtown Las Vegas Fremont

20180217_131722As easy as it might sound, it’s hard to find a good burger now a day. Seriously, some burgers are too oily, making the bread soggy, or wasn’t seasoned properly, giving the burger no taste, or over seasoned making it hard to enjoy. The list can continue with what makes a bad burger. But you can only experience a good burger. I can tell you about it, but somethings you just must enjoy for yourself. Eureka! Is the new restaurant that has opened downtown here in Las Vegas. When you go there, you might get a familiar vibe, well that’s because it used to be Emergency Art. Remember that cool place where the artists used to go and hang out while they were down Fremont? Well now it’s that cool place where artists are going to go to grab a burger and beer and watch some sports all in a cool fun setting.20180217_153900
What I like that stands out about Eureka is that, they have the high energy and spirits of a small club, but the elegance and style of a lounge. It doesn’t look like your typical bar. And their food, is delicious. I myself got to try their Turkey American Burger. Now, let me just say how refreshing it is that they even have Turkey burgers as an option. Most places you go to only have beef or pork. So, I can appreciate this menu already. And to top of the delicious turkey burger I had it accompanied with sweet potatoes fries. Now, some places seriously do not make their fries right. Some are too long, or just not crunchy enough. When you get sweet potatoes fries, you want the crunchy-ness of French fries, but you expect them to be better because they’re sweet potatoes fries, right. But they took theirs to the next level. Not only are the fries nice, sweet, and crunchy, but they’ve also topped it off with sprinkles of cinnamon and drizzled it in sweet honey. Giving these fries the perfect blend, that you would almost think you’re eating candied yams in fry’s form. Lol
I certainly enjoyed their food and will be adding them to the list of dines for myself. I’m super excited about DJing for them again this coming Saturday. For their brunch, I will be spinning adding to their ambience which is brunch! 12 – 3 pm. Come get your hangover cure with one of these delicious burgers and smooth sounds!

Written By: The Socialite DJ