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The Socialite DJ Socializes at I Love Burger (Town Square, Las Vegas)

burgers5Walking into I love Burgers I had the feeling of an old school burger shack mixed into our modern times. It’s a really cool atmosphere. Located in the back of Las Vegas Town Square right across the street from the AMC theater, the servers and staff are all friendly and really cool people. I had a great time just talking to them. But what got me to say Oh My Gosh! Was their food and drinks.
Not only do they have a full bar, but they are able to spike your drink, (if you’re over the age of 21 of course). Oh who am I kidding, the thing that got me to say Oh My Gosh was their Oreo Shake. Man, that thing was sooo good. I couldn’t stop drinking it. It was so good, and just from the shake alone, I was almost full before my meal even touched my table. burgers6I had the Oreo shake and of course I wanted to try it spiked so she mixed in some vanilla Vodka, and man oh man. I fell in love. Then for my meal, I wanted to try the sandwich which they felt didn’t get the attention it deserved really. I got their mushroom melt. Now I’m not against mushrooms, but I don’t eat them as often either. But when I tell you that sandwich I can eat at least once or twice a week believe me! It was that good.
Then to top off the scenery they have an outside patio for those days that are just so nice and you want to enjoy your food outside. So let me recap, they have an old feel burger shack feel mixed with modern touches in the front, on the side they have a fully stocked bar watching the latest sports game, a patio outside with enough room to fit at least 50, and they’re even kid friendly. Oh I didn’t mention that yet did I?burgers4
Going into the back they have 3 TV’s one which runs nothing but cartoons the others are also watching sports, and a good channel which most would enjoy. All while being surrounded by a big chalk board. Lol. Yes the walls are made of chalk board so the kids can have fun drawing a little after they eat! This is definitely a family friendly, kid friendly, teen friendly, college friendly, hey they’re just friendly. Lol. They can touch out to everyone in different ways. I would definitely recommend them. I know this will be one of my chill spots in the future. As a matter of fact I have already returned here just because. Great experience!!

Written By: The Socialite DJ

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