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The Socialite DJ Socializes at Starbucks in DTLV

Man, I don’t even know how to describe this weekend. Great things have happened. received_2212421455438313I mean incredibly cool things. I DJ’d for (Dramatic pause) Starbucks! I know I wouldn’t believe it either seeing how they’ve never had a DJ before. But we were able to actually pull this off.
I’m still in shock from this one. You know how you accomplish something that you didn’t even expect, yeah. That’s where I am just soaking it all in and pushing to keep it going. Gotta keep the momentum right.
27708271_1832358826795243_397601170_oBut honestly, I’m blessed, humbled, and thankful that I was given the opportunity to DJ for Starbucks. I was a little nervous as the time got closer. It’s one thing to do something new on your own, but to work with a company like Starbucks, is careerĀ  That was dope playing Liquid Jazz there for them; And them loving the music. Getting Fist Friday goers to stop and listen in was epic. (You know they’re main focus is partying.) So them stopping to listen to jazz was not going to be easy. Lol Everything went pretty well. I’m just hoping well enough to be a reoccurring thing. That would be awesome!

Written By: The Socialite DJ