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The Socialite DJ Socializes at The Otherroom in Caesars Palace

659f8f_7214080054c841d5bfb287e61b25307f~mv2_d_4160_3120_s_4_2 It’s not hard to find a place to eat here in Vegas. But it is hard to find a place to eat in Vegas that you feel is worth the money. The really good places are a little pricey and the more affordable places are well, not good. Especially when you’re on the strip. 659f8f_aaf97ad1d4774ec0a26a63e5b391122c~mv2_d_4160_2340_s_2You might get in luck here in there to find a place, but let me tell you about The Otherroom. See, they’re in the corner of Caesars Palace so a little easy to miss. But they’re deals are worth the stop. They have their daily lunch special where you can get a full burger and beer for $10.

We however had the pleasure of tasting some of their other foods. Such as their Chicken tacos, and Steak tacos, and their Teriyaki chicken. And they’re not bad if I do say so myself. The chicken and steak tacos were made with all fresh ingredients and sided with house made chips. The Teriyaki chicken I especially enjoyed. Throughout my eating times, it’s hard to come across good Teriyaki chicken. Sometimes the sauce is too thick or the chicken isn’t shredded right, or the sauce just tastes weird. But here at The Otherroom theirs was pretty good.

659f8f_8e182b91dcd34779b9d967b04ad491f0~mv2_d_3264_1836_s_2659f8f_2e2fd1fdf6364e89be6b0859d13852ec~mv2_d_2340_4160_s_2Now I’ve DJ’d at The Otherroom just recently. Mr. Black Tie and I we did a Deep House set, for a few hours on their patio and the people loved it. I love when we can get random people to just sit down and listen to the music. Now if only those random people were in the mood to eat, it would’ve been perfect. Lol. But The Otherroom is a great quite setting where you can go to watch the games and grab a bite to eat. Located by the valet at Caesars Palace, so when you’re done shopping and want to grab a bite to eat or if you’re walking down the strip they have an outside patio as well where you can drop in and grab a drink and a bite.

Written By: The Socialite DJ