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The Socialite DJ talks about Traveling Kicks going to Clicks in Town Square

IMG_20170813_120621I remember the first time I heard about Clicks coming to Vegas. It was way before I even thought about telling the world about Traveling Kicks; This was when Traveling Kicks was just an idea in my head like, “I wonder if I will ever get the opportunity to bring this alive and what will it do?” I am so glad that I did get the opportunity to do Traveling Kicks. I honestly have to thank those who have helped. Mr. Black Tie, our Director/Producer for Fashion Art Music he helped me to get through the doors and being the videographer for the show and LasVegas.Net; They have helped out tremendously by allowing us to use a platform that they have.

IMG_20170813_115732It was great talking to Clicks. I got to take a peek at some of the Y3’s and got some insight about them that’s cool to know. I enjoy talking about sneakers and it’s great to talk to others who know what they’re talkin about too. Where we can just have a natural conversation and it just flows naturally. Thank you for the opportunity. We hope you all like what we did. See the full show of Fashion Art Music!

-Written By: The Socialite DJ